The meaning of feather tattoos

Meaning of feather tattoos

The feather tattoo is an elegant and very beautiful design idea because you can get incredibly beautiful drawings in both black and color. But before you do it you must know what it means so that your interpretation matches your way of being and seeing things.

There is more than one meaning of feather tattoos and it may have to do with ascension and spiritual evolution on a higher plane.

The feathers were used by Native American chiefs to symbolize communication with the spirits to express their heavenly wisdom.

Also, in Native American Indian culture, feathers represented the power of the thunder gods, along with the power of air and wind.

But this beautiful tattoo has more meanings that you need to know so you can finally decide if you want this type of tattoo on your skin or if you finally decide on a different one, depending on your way of being. These are four of the most frequent interpretations.

+ Freedom

Feather tattoos symbolize freedom. The feathers belong to birds, animals that must be free thanks to their ability to fly. If you tattoo a pen it will indicate your desire to search the freedom in your life – also in the freedom of ideas.

+ Courage and strength

If you choose the feather design of an animal like the eagle you will be showing your courage and your strength, as well as the strength of the ideas you have and the conviction to keep them. In this case it is the eagle symbol represented through its pen. Other examples would be the owl feathers symbolizing intelligence and culture or the feathers of a peacock symbolizing beauty and royalty.

+ Communication and intelligence

Feather tattoos also evoke the element of air and is related to ideas, intellectuality and the ability to think what is thought at a given time. It is a way to show the coherence of communication and thought.

+ Spiritual world

If you tattoo indigenous feathers or shamans, then you will be expressing your relationship with the spiritual world. Native chiefs in America wore feathers to express their heavenly wisdom and also represented the power of the gods.

Are you still looking for ideas to get your tattoo? There are thousands of ways to capture the feathers on your skin. To inspire you, we have dived a little on Instagram and have brought you some of the most creative and beautiful ideas. Tell us in the comments what is your favorite tattoo.

one Feather tattoo with birds

This tattoo in which the feather is accompanied by flying birds emphasizes the idea of ​​freedom that this tattoo conveys. It is perfect for those people who do not like to stick to the rules, who need space to undertake the flight and who do not admit that any cage imprisons them. It may not be a very original tattoo, as there will be thousands of people in the world who carry a bird in flight on their skin, but if so many people have done it it will be for something, right?

two Quill pen

In this case, the owner of this tattoo has decided to make a pen with which to write his own story. Given the literary sense of this tattoo, No wonder it was accompanied with a small phrase. Choosing the right words for your tattoo will allow you to emphasize the meaning you want to give it. You can write: "Light as a feather" or "Let the ideas fly".

3 Subtle full color tattoo

The subtlety is the protagonist in this design that more than tattooed seems deposited on the skin, merely insinuated. The delicate pink and blue colors serve to mark the fine lines They make up this tattoo, which is ideal for all those who are looking for a discreet drawing. This girl has decided to get a tattoo on her shoulder but, it's a shame because she won't be able to see such a beautiful tattoo too often.

4 An infinite feather for your tattoo

In front of the soft lines of the previous tattoo, the strokes of this tattoo are much thicker and marked. Thanks to a dotted line, the arrow joins three small birds flying, where it comes from. In this way, they describe the shape of an infinity by adding a new interpretation to the pen. This tattoo speaks of eternity, of unlimited freedom, of Want to always fly higher.

5 Minimalist tattoo of a feather

You might think that feather tattoos are very ornate because of their delicate shape. Nevertheless, This tattoo shows that it can also be minimalist. It is a very faint design that you can make even more discreet using another color ink. In this case it has been done inside the arm, but it could also look good on the ankles, on the wrist, under the chest …

If these tattoos have not convinced you and you are still looking for inspiration, take a look at the tattoos that we propose in Diario Femenino.

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