The Meaning Of Brooklyn Beckham Tattoos

Brooklyn beckham (Instagram photos) seems to be following in the footsteps of his father, the footballer David Beckham, in the world of tattooing. He is only 18 years old and already has almost a dozen tattoos on different parts of his body. We have put ourselves in Sherlock Holmes plan and we have discovered the meanings of some of them. Do you want to meet them?

+ Portrait of an Indian: It was one of the first tattoos that was made, it is worn on the right forearm and is a copy of one of his father’s tattoos.

+ Cupid: on his stomach he has tattooed a beautiful angel with a bow. It is a tattoo that refers to his girlfriend, actress Chloë Moretz.

+ Compass: A compass is tattooed on the other forearm. These tattoos usually represent a way forward, either the one back home, or the one of a vital objective to pursue.

+ Number: on the right elbow he has tattooed the number 020511 that represents the birth dates of your siblings; Romeo was born in 2002, Cruz in 2005 and Harper in 2011.

+ Photo camera: on the left biceps he carries an old camera and is that in Brooklyn he is passionate about photography and you are studying to be a professional photographer.

+ Eagle: on his right hand, just between the thumb and the index finger, he has tattooed an eagle. This tattoo represents strength and power.

The Meaning Of Brooklyn Beckham Tattoos

+ Rose: Brooklyn also has tattooed a rose in the ribs. Roses represent passion and love.

+ ‘Mama’s Boy’: “Mommy’s boy” is the phrase that rests tattooed on his chest. Her mother is designer and former Spice Gril, Victoria Beckham, and is very attached to it.

+ ‘Made in England’: ‘Made in England’. Although many people think that its name comes from the New York neighborhood in which it was conceived, the truth is that it is because it went there where Victoria realized she was pregnant so technically, yes it was ‘made in England’ according to himself.

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