The hidden meaning of the Koi fish tattoo

Do you know the legend of Koi fish? According to account, this fish became famous for go up the Yellow River of China, even going up its waterfalls. So he managed to become dragon. For centuries this creature has been associated with concepts such as self-improvement and self-realization, which has made it become a most popular tattoo. But depending on the color of the fish it represents something else.

+ blue. The blue koi represents masculinity, but also to the childrenSo it can be a perfect reason to pay tribute to your little ones.

+ Yellow. The koi fish tattoos yellows represent joy and confidence in oneself.

+ Black. The koi fish in black they represent the courage to overcome great challenges, just like the fish that climbed the waterfalls of the Yellow River did.

+ Red. Red koi represent the obstacles that must be overcome to get love. This color is one of the preferred by chinese and japanese cultures so it also has a very traditional side.

+ Ying Yang. The koi fish in which it is represented ying-yang represent duality with which all human beings coexist, the two opposite sides of their character necessary to achieve balance.

+ Lotus flower. The lotus flowers represent the personal growth in adverse situations, since they are flowers that grow mud, so their meaning is closely linked to that of the koi themselves.

+ Dragon. He koi which transforms into a dragon symbolizes the Renaissance and the profound change that a person experiences after having overcome a difficult situation.

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