The funniest cat tattoos on Instagram

The cats They have dominated the Internet for years and these animals have very curious behaviors that give a lot of play. Therefore, if you are also a fan of cats in general or you have one as a pet, these tattoos will surely get you a smile.

+ Gaticornio: a hybrid between cat and unicorn that is the most right now because it combines two creatures that most succeed in the networks.

+ Sailor kitten: animals may not be very amused to be seen but they are very cute with some accessories to disguise them.


+ Jiji: If you have seen the Japanese movie ‘Kiki, the witch’s apprentice’ it surely sounds familiar this adorable black kitty with giant ears.

+ Kitten cheer leader: this cat is so cute that it is impossible not to smile when you see it. It may be cheesy but it does its job of cheering you up.

+ Adorable kitty: it is inevitable not to say ‘Ohhh’ when you see this cute drawing, with its bow and in a heart.

+ Whiskers: If you are looking for a more minimalist style you can always resort to wearing mustaches as a bracelet. It is original and fun.

+ Heart nose: another minimalist tattoo. On it are drawn some whiskers with a nose heart-shaped in almost a line.

+ Happy kitty: Another one that infects you with all the good vibes in the world is this pussycat with her big smile. We love!

+ The one who snorts: this cat he’s not exactly happy but let’s not kid ourselves, the cats pose when they snort is hilarious and more if you turn it into a tattoo.

+ Lucky cat: many people think they are Chinese but no, these cats are a very typical amulet among the Japanese, especially in stores as it attracts success in business. In any case, they are very funny.

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