the Cat Gallinger case

Are you thinking about tattooing your eyeball? Watch out! The Cat Gallinger case has put on the table the dangers of tattoos on the eyes. He has partially lost his vision after trying to change the whites of his eyes to lilac, so that it contrasts with his green irises.

Now, he tells his story through his Facebook account to raise awareness for all those who want to undergo the same intervention. He acknowledges that it was “a huge mistake” and that he has many more risks than he had initially weighed.

Cat put herself in the hands of her boyfriend, an artist of body modification, who according to the model could have made different mistakes that have caused the unfortunate result of this tattoo on the eyes. I could have used a longer needle than I should have, shoved it too far in, or injected the fluid in one go instead of using several shorter doses …

As a consequence of bad practice when getting this tattoo, Cat Gallinger’s eye expelled this liquid immediately and as the photos and videos shared on social networks show, it became infected very quickly.

Given the problem, the Canadian model went to the hospital where she was given antibiotic drops. His eye ended up worryingly swollen and, as she says, it caused her a lot of pain. In an interview with Time magazine, Cat Gallinger admitted that she felt this tattoo on her eyes “as if she had a migraine and had been punched in the face at the same time.”

Blurred vision and discomfort were constant for the next 3 weeks. But worst of all, medical professionals have ensured that it might be impossible to improve the vision of that eye despite the surgeries.

This type of body modification is known as an eye tattoo or sclera tattoo even though it is not strictly a tattoo. However, the physical change it causes is permanent like that of a tattoo. It is about changing the color of the membrane that forms the outer layer of the eyeball. For it, a liquid is injected, in this case purple although black eyes, the most common, green or blue have also been seen on social networks.

The American Journal of Ophthamology warns of the dangers of getting this type of tattoo on the eyes because its safety has not yet been proven. He points out that in the worst cases, they could cause a loss of the eyeball, impair vision until reaching total blindness, cause infections, etc.

Cat Gallinger is fond of body modification Because, he says, it is part of his life and allows him to express himself as he is. This passion has also led him to split his tongue in two (forked tongue) and to have more than twenty tattoos all over his body, but after this scare he will surely think twice from now on. Ask all young people who are thinking about tattooing their eyeball to research the subject first.

After learning about the Cat Gallinger case, would you get these tattoos on your eyes?

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