The best tattoos for sisters

Hearts Tattoo

The symbol of love par excellence has always been the heart So one of the best tattoos for sisters is to get the same design and put it somewhere on the body. Depending on your criteria, the tattoo can be larger, more elaborate, with color, and so on. But for it to relate to your feelings, what does have to be is the same design for both of us.

The heart can mean love, as we have already said, but it can also symbolize the engine that moves us all, the key piece to be alive because, without a heart, no one can live. With this meaning you are saying that Your key piece is your sister and, without her, you could not live.

The best tattoos for sisters - Hearts tattoo


The rose of the winds

Other perfect tattoo for sisters it is to draw the wind rose, that is, that symbol that denotes where the south, the north, the east and the west are. Historically it has always been related to the world of the sea since it helped sailors to guide themselves during their voyages.

In the world of tattoos, this symbol may indicate that you like to travel, that you are an explorer and adventurer, that you want to be free and know the world. For this reason, if you decide to get this tattoo with your sister, what you are indicating is that you are united by the same will to discover the world but that, in addition, your guide, your compass to guide you are yourselves, your sister relationship.

The best tattoos for sisters - The compass rose


Tattooed illustrations

Something that is very fashionable lately is to become a tattoo with a child's drawing, like a children's book. In this sense, one of the most sought after is the one that we show you in the picture and it is about two girls who communicate with the typical telephone made with yogurt containers.

The best thing about this tattoo is not only that it gives your children a touch like remembering the girls you were and that you still have inside, but also, when recreating the telephone, you draw a line that connects the two tattoos. So, one is not complete without the other Just as the design is not complete without the other part.

The best tattoos for sisters - Tattooed illustrations


Bird tattoos

One of the best tattoos are the birds, a symbol that represents freedom, creativity, imagination, etc. But, also, being an animal that lives in the heavens, it is also considered a symbol of spirituality, contact with the hereafter, with divinity.

In the case of sisters who tattoo equal birds, what it can mean is that the one gives wings to the other, that is, they complement each other to live to the fullest together. It can also represent that they are united and that they fly together for life enjoying their company.

The best tattoos for sisters - Bird tattoos


Anchor Tattoos

The anchors are also tattoos widely used by the sisters since they have a very strong connotation in the sentimental terrain. An anchor is what sailors use to safeguard themselves from the immensity of the sea and be able to return home.

If we move this to the emotional terrain, the anchors mean that union that we have to the other person, just as the sailor casts the anchor to return home, the anchor in some sisters will mean that they are the bond that unites them home, to the family, to what we love most.

The best tattoos for sisters - Anchor tattoos


Incomplete Tattoos

It is also very common that, as we indicated in section 3, some sisters want to become half tattoo and that will only be complete when they are together. In this way it is indicating that when they meet, they feel united, complete, when they are not, they feel that they are missing a half.

In this type of tattoo you can choose the one you prefer: from flowers, mandalas, butterflies, half heart, etc. In this article we show you the best tattoos for women in case you want to be inspired to choose yours.

The best tattoos for sisters - Incomplete tattoos


Symbol of infinity

Two circular lines joined to each other making a shape like 8 is the sign of infinity. In the case of personal relationships, infinity means that your love, The feelings you have among you is eternal, cannot be posted. This is a tattoo that both sisters, as couples or friends usually do simultaneously to record how important they are for each other.

But if, in addition, to this tattoo we add an arrow (as in the image) we give an extra meaning since the arrows have always been a sign of protection because the tribes defended and protected thanks to these weapons. So, drawing an arrow is also indicating that protect each other to infinity. In this article of a How we discover all the meanings of arrow tattoos.

The best tattoos for sisters - Infinity Symbol


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