The best tattoos for men

Wild Animal Tattoos

Many men decide to tattoo their skin on animals such as tigers, lions, panthers, leopards, and so on. These mammals symbolize strength, guts, the wildest nature That also resides within us. In the case of tigers tattoos you should keep in mind that many men decide to tattoo it for its spectacular color, in addition to being a solitary and very independent animal.

Lions are more familiar and sociable animals but they also have their aggressive part. In addition, these have a beautiful hair with which you can play to make the tattoo design, in the image you can see two examples of these beautiful mammals.

Best tattoos for men - Wild animal tattoos

Skull tattoos

This is another one of the best tattoos for men and that, in addition, allows more variety of designs. You can opt for more traditional skulls that remember the fragility of life or, also, you can choose more colorful and cheerful designs such as Mexican skulls, a type of tattoo that is gaining more and more followers.

Many people choose accompany the skull with other symbols for example, a clock which refers to the passage of time and, therefore, of life or, also, are often accompanied by roses or flowers. This last type can refer to several meanings, on the one hand, we have that the rose can mean life and, on the other hand, that death does not have to be gloomy, but also has beauty (in the purest Baudelaire style with his work "The flowers of evil").

Best tattoos for men - Skull tattoos

Star tattoo for men

It is another classic tattoo and, in addition, it is unisex. The stars contain a symbolism very old and many cultures have used them as referents, guides and protectors. Remember that when there were no compasses, people were oriented by the stars and, thanks to them, many travelers could reach their destination.

Currently, star tattoos also represent the fight against the mal, against the dark forces treating the night as if it were the temptation of evil. In this sense, the tattoo would have a more divine significance and show the link between the person and God. In a How we tell you in detail what the meaning of star tattoos is.

Best tattoos for men - Star tattoo for men

Diamond tattoos

It is also another one of the best tattoos for men and that, in addition, lately they have become very fashionable. Diamonds are precious stones with great value, in addition, their etymology means that it is something unalterable and, therefore, invincible and eternal in time since diamonds are very resistant and have a long duration.

In this sense, diamond tattoos mean the strength of oneself, the ability to overcome the ravages of life, even the toughest. This is why many people who have had a bad time, usually tattoo this design to remember that they are strong people and that nothing will make them change. They are also usually a sign of good luck since the value of this stone is very high and, therefore, who has a diamond will have abundance in life.

Best tattoos for men - Diamond tattoos

Maori or tribal tattoos

Many men choose, instead of making a concrete design, to get a more extensive tattoo that occupies a greater part of the body and that has different symbols within itself. This is the case, for example, of tribal tattoos where geometric figures predominate with a tendency to straight lines and, sometimes, with shapes reminiscent of fire flames or wings.

Also be very fashionable maori tattoos, they are more rounded designs and, above all, they are placed in areas of the body such as the shoulders, back or arm and, inside, you can incorporate different symbols such as ying yang, the symbol of the “om”, animals like scorpions or snakes, etc. The best thing about these designs is that you can customize them and adapt them to your tastes.

The best tattoos for men - Maori or tribal tattoos

Arrow Tattoos

If you want to get a tattoo that symbolizes your own evolution, your change and the desire you have to continue with your life, it is best to make an arrow design. This tattoo symbolizes the movement forward, overcoming obstacles, advancing through life without looking back. So that, human growth, learning and strength They are the qualities of this type of tattoo.

But, in addition, they also have a ancestral meaning That relates to protection. The ancient tribes used the arrows to protect themselves from possible attacks, in addition to being the means with which they managed to hunt and, therefore, feed. In this sense, the arrows symbolize the protection and care of oneself.

In a How we tell you in more detail what the meaning of arrow tattoos is.

The best tattoos for men - Arrow tattoos

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