The best tattoos for couples

Crowns tattoos

There are many meanings of crowns tattoos and they all have to do with self love, security, belief in each other's possibilities, and so on. However, its meaning can also be extrapolated to the sentimental terrain since this symbol also represents unconditional love that one person feels for another. Commitment, respect and fidelity are the signs represented by these tattoos and, therefore, are perfect for a couple.

You can play with different ideas such as, for example, that the boy tattoo the typical crown of the kings and the girl that of the queens or, if you prefer, you can only indicate below the word "Queen" and "King" to specify the gender.

The best tattoos for couples - Crowns tattoos


Hearts for couples

When we talk about love, one of the fastest symbols that come to our mind are hearts, right? This is because there is a social acceptance that considers that love and the feeling of love comes from the heart. So, if you want to show how much you love your partner, a good tattoo can be one that has the heart design.

As a we recommend one that we liked a lot. It's about emulating the heart palpitations that we always see on the cardiograms when we are in a hospital and, so that the meaning is clear, you can draw a heart in the middle of the lines. In this way, you are indicating that your heart beats to the rhythm of your partner, that is, that the one, without the other, you could not live.

The best tattoos for couples - Hearts for couples


Heart Tattoos

If you don't like the previous option, another good example of the best tattoos for couples It is this other in which the heart symbol is also used as a sign of love. But, in this case, reference is made that your heart only has one key and, therefore, the other person in the couple will have to tattoo that key with which they have managed to open your heart.

It is one of the most metaphorical options that exist since it considers that there is only one person in the world capable of opening your heart, that is, of earning your love (in the purest half-orange style). With this design you are indicating that the are you made for each other and that no one else in the world could be your partner.

The best tattoos for couples - Heart tattoos


The infinity symbol with arrows

The infinity sign is that it looks like a tilted 8 and is usually used in mathematical terms to indicate when a result is infinite but, currently, it is also widely used in tattoos because symbolizes eternal love that you feel for someone else Your feelings cannot be counted and, therefore, you express it with the sign of infinity, something that goes perfectly for couples who want to make clear what they feel for each other.

If we add an arrow to this design we give extra meaning to the tattoo since the arrows have always been used as protection symbol (the tribes used them as weapons to defend their own); In a How we discover in detail the meaning of arrow tattoos. Therefore, if we add the arrow we are indicating that, in addition, you will protect the other person to infinity and that she will also do the same with you.

The best tattoos for couples - The infinity symbol with arrows


Puzzle pieces

It is another of the designs of most used tattoos by couples Well, as with the puzzle game, one piece has its corresponding companion and no other will fit its shape. If we translate this meaning to the love ground, the reading can be expanded denoting that one person has found the piece that fits with her and vice versa.

In this sense, it is a similar symbology to what we have previously indicated with the lock and the key since it considers that there is only one person who fits perfectly with you and that, therefore, you are complete. The puzzle pieces, by themselves, make no sense, they are complemented by the other pieces with which it feels complete. Therefore, this tattoo also symbolizes that your other part, your other half, is the other person And, without it, you feel incomplete.

The best tattoos for couples - Puzzle pieces


Anchor Tattoos

Another of the favorite tattoos for lovers are the anchors and, in addition, they are now very fashionable. In the maritime terrain, anchors are the tool that fishermen and sailors use to be safe at sea and return home. This meaning can be transferred to the sentimental plane since the anchor becomes the bond that unites the couple, which makes us stand firm when the world falters and helps us to return home.

That union of security, trust and love It is what anchors tattoos transmit, for this reason many couples decide to tattoo it on the skin and, in addition, it is also common to add the initials of the loved one.

The best tattoos for couples - Anchor tattoos

Direct Phrases

If you like them phrase tattoos, a perfect idea to show how much you love your partner is to get a tattoo similar to the one shown in the image. You can choose the phrase you like best, in this you can see that they have decided to write "I love him / her" by introducing hearts between the letters to increase that romantic touch.

But if you don't like it, you can choose to tattoo other phrases like "Forever love", "Together we are unique", "Unity is strength", and so on. You can think of any phrase that corresponds to your partner and what you feel for each other.

The best tattoos for couples - Direct phrases


Gamers tattoos

If you have a great time playing the console, if you can not imagine a life without video games, a perfect tattoo for you is the one that we present below. It's about expressing the love you feel for each other by following the thread of the story of Super Mario Bross. This character spends all the games trying to save the princess who has been kidnapped by an evil witch so it is still a classic fairy tale story but with fantastic characters full of fun.

So if you are video game enthusiasts, you can not miss the opportunity to tattoo Mario and the princess, two characters who love each other madly and who are willing to the riskiest tests to get back together.

The best tattoos for couples - Tattoos for gamers


Bird tattoos

Bird tattoos are one of the signs that denote freedom, creativity, spirituality, and so on. If we move this to the field of love relationships, we find that the meaning is extended slightly indicating that, thanks to the other person, you feel free, wanting to fly and live life to the fullest.

Therefore, with this design you are indicating that the other person is your flight companion, the one in charge of wanting to fly, to live to the fullest but always with her, never alone, because birds always fly in a pack.

The best tattoos for couples - Bird tattoos


Tattoo of the compass rose

The tool that hikers use to orient themselves also becomes one of the best tattoos for couples. The compasses have inside the wind rose that is responsible for indicating where they are and where they have to go. For this reason, it is also one of the travelers symbols since they are willing to discover the whole world: from North to South and from East to West.

In this sense, this type of design established in the world of the couple can indicate that you want to travel the whole world with that person but that, in addition, your guide, your compass to not get lost in the paths of life, is the other person. Therefore, you express an idea of ​​adventure but, also, a idea of ​​commitment and fidelity.

The best tattoos for couples - Tattoo of the compass rose


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