The best phrases to get a tattoo on the clavicle

The best phrases to get a tattoo on the clavicle

Getting a tattoo is one of the decisions in life that must be taken with great tranquility. Since once you do it it is very difficult to erase it, you have to think very well what you want to tattoo and in what area of ​​the body you are going to do it. One of the most painful, but at the same time most beautiful parts for women is The clavicle. In this place you can get a small and delicate tattoo, that does not attract much attention and at the same time be sensual and tremendously sexy.

Have you thought that the best tattoo for this area is a beautiful phrase? It is a very good idea since you can choose some words that have marked you a lot in your life and leave them engraved on the skin to always remember them. Below we show you lthe best phrases to get a tattoo on the collarbone. It will cost you to choose!

If you are looking for a phrase that is short and at the same time has a deep meaning, the ones we have compiled below may be perfect for you:

one You are my sunshine

Is there someone who shines brightly in your life? That person deserves to be tattooed with a phrase in his honor and there are no more special words than these to do it: ‘You are my sun’.

two Never a failure always a lesson

"It's never a mistake, it's always a lesson." It doesn't matter if you make a mistake as long as you learn something from your fault. This phrase is so cool that even Rihanna has her tattooed on her collarbone.

3 I am enough the way I am

This phrase in English means in Spanish the following: "I am fine as I am." These are ideal words for tattooing on the collarbone for those who feel incredibly proud of themselves and their life. Is this your case?

4 With every heartbeat

The translation of this phrase into Spanish means ‘With every beat’. You're in love? If your answer is yes, these words of love will be fancy in your collarbone.

5 What’s inside her, never dies

Translation: What is inside it never dies. Because you have an essence so magical that it is indestructible. Would you tattoo this phrase?

6 Love yourself

Love yourself above all things and get a tattoo like this on the collarbone so you can remember it daily. If you don't love yourself, nobody else can do it for you.

7 Enjoy the little things

Enjoy the little things, say this phrase. Is there more pleasure in life than to value small moments? We think not! Tattoo it!

8 La vie est belle

Beautiful phrase in French that in Spanish means ‘Life is beautiful’. A true song to enjoy our existence.

9 Stay strong

This phrase invites us to remain strong, not to let ourselves be overcome in the face of minimal adversity. Because life is full of obstacles, but the important thing is to get the courage to overcome them. Do you dare to tattoo these two words on the collarbone?

10 Just breathe

'Just breathe'. This is the concept that this phrase wants to convey to us. Only two words that should be etched forever in your head and on your skin …

Do you want to differentiate yourself from the rest and look for something more original? Then turn to the phrases that we propose below. They are the best!

eleven I will fear no evil for thou art with me

"I will fear no evil because you will be with me." That is what this phrase in English means to get a tattoo on the clavicle. Because when you have the people you love next to you, everything becomes more bearable and beautiful.

12 There is always hope

They say that hope is the last thing lost and that is precisely what this phrase means. If you are a born fighter, engraving it on your skin can be a great idea.

13 We can't choose what stays and what fades away

‘We cannot choose what is left and what vanishes’. This is the meaning of this premise as real as life itself. Our existence has no script. Luckily or unfortunately life may be able to surprise us both for better and for worse.

14 The rest is still unwritten

‘The rest is not yet written.’ What reason carries this phrase right? The future is unpredictable. No one can know in advance and with certainty what will happen tomorrow and it is precisely that uncertainty that makes life magical.

fifteen Love never fails

‘Love is never wrong.’ That is what this phrase says and we cannot agree more with it. Love has the answer to each and every one of the questions that life raises.

16 No matter where life takes me. You'll find me with a smile

‘It doesn't matter where life takes me. You will find me with a smile. A phrase that marks anyone and that should be tattooed on your collarbone. Because the answer to adversity is always joy.

17 Love vincit omnia

Famous phrase in Latin that in Castilian means ‘Love conquers everything’. Love is able to heal, make people laugh and eliminate all the bad things in the world.

18 Although broken, my heart still beats

"Although broken, my heart is still beating." How many times have your heart broken and despite everything has been able to overcome and continue beating? If you are looking for a phrase to tattoo on your collarbone … This one is made for you!

19 Every day counts

You should tattoo this wonderful phrase to never forget it. Time does not stop to wait for anyone, enjoy the moment!

twenty This too shall pass

‘This will also happen’, is what this phrase means. Because as bad as you are going through life, the sun always shines again among the clouds. Remember it with a tattoo!

Which one of these phrases would you tattoo on the collarbone? Tell us in the comments.

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