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The arrows They are one of the most fashionable elements in tattoos and are often combined with other series of elements to create unique designs loaded with meaning. We have analyzed ten of the most common arrow tattoos so you can understand them if you see someone or if you also dream of becoming one.

+ Mandala: an arrow with a mandala in the center represents the path to the fullness of consciousness. Mandalas are spiritual elements that are used in meditation techniques.

+ Three arrows: In this case, each of the arrows represents a member of the family of the girl who is wearing it, her parents and her.

+ Zodiac: when an arrow is combined with a zodiac sign represents the way of being of that person. It is a kind of reminder that you have to be true to yourself no matter what happens.

+Warrior’: The arrows were one of the first weapons created for the human being and for that reason they are used as a symbol of struggle, of being ‘warrior’ in this case.

+ Compass: Compasses, like arrows, are used to represent the way to go to achieve a certain objective. Combined they emphasize one more in that idea and, even, They refer to the fact that to achieve this, it is necessary to break down established barriers or limits.

compass like arrows tattoos

+ Double: In this case, the arrows refer to duality, to the two faces of the personality of the person wearing them because the two point in different directions.

+ Hand of Fatima or Jamsa: this symbol represents God for Muslims and Jews, but it has been adopted by popular culture as a sign of protection, a kind of talisman. Together they represent that your path and your destiny is to protect others.

+ Infinite: It is a perfect tattoo to get your best friend. The infinity symbol inside the arrow represents that your life paths will always be united, no matter what happens.

+ Triangles: these arrows represent the love between brothers. They are crossed because their lives will always be united and they have several triangles at the end, each colored in a different position as a shape of represent who is the oldest and who is the youngest.

triangles like arrow tattoos

+ Cupid: another common meaning of arrows is as a symbol of infatuation. Here, next to a bow made with flowers, indicates that it is a Cupid-inspired love tattoo.

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