The 7 most common types of tattoos

exist many different types of tattoos but we have summarized them in seven categoriesm. They will help you get an idea of ​​all the possibilities you have to choose a tattoo and that it is much easier to hit.

+ Letters: In this type of tattoos we include all those that have letters (whatever the type of alphabet and language it is). The initials, full names, single words, and phrases They are the main subtypes of these tattoos.

+ Numbers: here we find from individual numbers to dates, coordinates, hours … and, of course, all those who have Roman numerals.

+ Drawings: we call tattoos that try to represent real objectss. For example, they can be from anchor tattoos to stars, through food or flowers, It is the largest category and also the most recurring when it comes to tattooing.

+ Symbols: we refer to those strokes without realistic shape, but that represent complex concepts. To make you understand it better, infinity would be a symbol, as well as mandalas, Celtic or Polynesian tattoos.

+ Pictures: They are a very specific type of tattoo and that not many people dare to wear. Realizing them is complex and only a few like Kat Von D are capable of doing it right.

+ Animals: As you already know, animal tattoos are used to represent some of their features that people can feel identified with.

+ Landscapes: try to represent a specific place on our planet. The most common are beaches and forests.

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