Tattoos you hate or love, you decide!

Have you seen these tattoos so many times and worn by so many different people that you either hate them or love them. They are the most popular tattoos among most people and they have as many detractors as fans. There are those who pursue originality when it comes to tattooing, but there are many others who decide to opt for known formulas that they love. And you, do you hate them or love them? What are your favorites?

+ Arrow tattoos

The arrows are one of the most popular tattoos and its meaning is precious. The arrows represent a path that may well be the way back home or the one that leads you to discover unsuspected places.

+ Heart tattoos

Some will say they are very cheesy and very seen, Others will be delighted by what they represent (love) and by the multiple forms and places in which they can shine.

+ Infinity tattoos

Another tattoo that became fashionable and that you have seen in thousands of different ways it is the mathematical symbol of infinity. It represents something that never ends and can range from feathers to names.

+ Motivational phrase tattoos

It is true that some they are a bit ñoñas But if you choose well, it can be one of those tattoos that will lift your spirits in no time.

+ Feather tattoos

We have seen them until satiety but they still have something we love. We keep the simplest designs and put aside those that become birds.

+ Rose tattoos

It is possible that even your mother (or your grandfather) have a tattoo and that is that roses are one of the most classic tattoos that exist. They represent love and passion.

+ Moon tattoos

The symbol of magic and femininity par excellence too it is already a little seen. We like it in its renewed versions like this one in which its phases are represented.

+ Triangle tattoos

How can it be that a symbol with such a complex meaning has ended up decorating the arms of half a planet? We love them but we think that they have lost some of their charm.

tattoos, do you like them or not?

+ Mandala tattoos

Mandalas have gone from being sacred symbols to become the ideal decoration for any silhouette. They are cool, but they have been distorted too quickly.

+ Skull tattoos

The skulls, far from representing death, are symbols of rebirth. The Mexican versions have not been exploited too much and continue to have a certain charm.

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