Tattoos to ask for marriage

Asking your partner for marriage is a task that requires some preparation (unless you decide to ask it in a sudden outburst of love), but the ideas that we are going to tell you next need a little more time. These are tattoos, all of them real, that different people have used to propose marriage. Would you dare to ask the question with a tattoo?

+ ‘Will you marry me?’: the classic question and all its variants are always a great alternative to surprise your partner because, by tattooing it, you will already be as original as it can be. You can take it in English or any other language and alphabet if you prefer, but make sure your partner will understand it the first time.

+ Type of form: The video of this marriage proposal has gone viral and it is no wonder. The boy asks his tattooing girlfriend to do a tattoo, she prepares all the tools and when her boy discovers the area in which he wants her to do it, he surprises her with the question of all the questions. The peculiarity of this tattoo is that she answered directly on her partner’s skin and thank goodness that marked ‘Yes’. If you like the idea, but your partner is not a professional tattoo artist, you can always ask them to mark their answer with a marker and run to the studio to immortalize it on your skin.

+ Romantic phrase: instead of the well-worn ‘Do you want to marry me? you can choose a phrase that is much less seen and more romantic. ‘Do you want to grow old with me?’ After all, getting old together is what getting married entails, and if you do not believe in marriage it is a perfect question whose answer is well worth a celebration as well as a customary wedding.

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