Tattoos that symbolize strength and love, do you know them?

Tattoos with a double meaning they are more complicated to get, but if you want yours represent strength and also loveWe have a few ideas for you that you are going to love. Take note of what type of tattoos represent these two concepts.

+ Tabono. It is an African symbol that represents strength. It’s kind of like flower or cross with rounded ends. When these are transformed into hearts (as in the image) it is transformed into one of those tattoos that represent love and strength at the same time.

+ Hamsa. The Fatima’s hand It is a very common tattoo, but few people know that it actually represents strength and love. It is used as a symbol of protection, but it also represents the inner strength and love for others.

+ Semicolon. It is one of the most significant tattoos and is that it represents having overcome very serious problems so it symbolizes strength like no other. Many people substitute the point for a heart to illustrate the love they have felt for themselves after overcoming these problems.

+ Sun and moon. This tattoo has many meanings and one of them is love and strength. The sun represents the second, since it is a source of life, and the moon, the first, since it influences people’s mood and creates magical situations.

+ Lioness. The tattoos of some animals can also represent this concept, but that of a lioness may be the most appropriate. Lionesses are the ones in charge of take care of their cubs and also feed the entire herd, so it cannot be said that they are not strong and loving.

+ ‘Love and strength’. Nothing is more representative of these two concepts than the words that signify them. You can do them in Spanish or choose a different language like English if you prefer; You can also opt for one with a different alphabet so that only you know its meaning.

+ ‘I’m The Hero of This Story’. A phrase like ‘I am the hero of this story’ also represents these two concepts, since it indicates both strength and self-love.

+Love is the humblest force, but the most powerful that the human being has’. This phrase from Gandhi it speaks for itself, love is pure force.

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