Tattoos for masterchef or foodies

Cooks are the new footballers. Children want to be like them when they are older and more and more people choose the kitchen as a serious and respected profession. But whether you aspire to be professional or like to experiment with new dishes in your own home, there are a number of tattoos that you will love if you love to cook.

+ Mise en place. It is a very important culinary concept, that of prepare everything you need before you start cooking and it is one of the favorite tattoos of professional chefs.

+ Grater. The graters are essential kitchen tools and we really like the idea of ​​turning it into a tattoo because it is not so usual to see them this way.

+ ‘Bake or Die’. (Bakes or dies). If pastry is what you like the most in the world, you will want to have a c tattooedupcake, a kneader and other essential utensils to make cakes.

+ Chilli. Those who like to experiment with recipes from exotic countries will be familiar with this ingredient: spicy chillies.

+ Still life. If you want a tattoo That represents your love for cooking, this is ideal for you because it combines several essential elements in it and also adds some beautiful flowers to make it more beautiful if possible.

+ Knife and fork. If you don’t enjoy eating, you will hardly do it while cooking. Eating is one of the great pleasures of life and if you have also cooked what you are eating, you like it even more. This tattoo is ideal for those chefs who are also gluttons.

+ Cut onion. That is probably the first step of the vast majority of recipes, so turning it into a tattoo seems to us an ideal option for all cooks.

+ Cookie cutter. Lovers traditional italian cuisine They will understand what this instrument is for and will want to have it tattooed forever.

+ Hat. Nothing better represents the classic cook than chef’s hat.

kitchen lovers and tattoos

+ Ingredients + frying pan. We love this tattoo because it represents the essence of the magic of cooking. Mixing ingredients of all kinds you can get unexpected flavors that will delight any diner.

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