Tattoos as a declaration of love

Almost any tattoo can become a declaration of loveIt all depends on the reasons why you do it and the person you refer to. But there are a number of symbols that are more suitable than others for this purpose. Here you have a compilation of tattoos that will serve to express your love for your partner.

+ Love– This word, written in any language, is one of the simplest and most elegant ways for someone to know how you feel about him or her with a tattoo. You can choose typefaces different and place it in any part of the body, because it will always be perfect.

+ Infinite: This symbol is already becoming a classic in the world of tattooing and it has never been expressed so much with so little. Have many variants, with the word ‘love’ or with a name, a double infinity or with a heart.

+ Matching tattoos: When it comes to making a mutual declaration of love, matching tattoos work best. These two girls have a simple heart on their fingers, but the possibilities are endless. One of the most typical are the puzzle pieces, and the key and padlock.

+ Kiss: There are many ways to tattoo a kiss, but without a doubt this is one of our favorites for its great beauty. It is a painting by the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt in black and white that looks great, but you can resort to more classic ones like red lips.

+ Names: a classic, although not all tattooists recommend it, tattooing the name of the loved one is one of the declarations of love prettiest and most sincere that can be made.

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