Tattoos and pregnancy, everything you need to know

If there is a stage when tattoos become delicate, it is during pregnancy. Many women who already wear one wonder what will happen to him when his skin stretches, Others want to know if they can get a tattoo during these nine months. We have asked ourselves the same questions and we have the answers. Attentive!

+ Can I get a tattoo while pregnant ?: It is not highly recommended to take advantage of the pregnancy months to get a tattoo. It is not due to the fact itself, but to the possible consequences that can also occur at any other time. When you get a tattoo, you always run the risk of getting hepatitis, being allergic to the ink, or getting an infection. During pregnancy it will be more difficult to treat and It can even endanger your baby. Better wait to give birth!

+ What if I’m just breastfeeding ?: neither should you. During this period it is important that you are as healthy as possible and that you eat well. You shouldn’t put your health at risk by getting a tattoo right now. Also, it is possible that your skin has not yet returned to its being and it is not worth doing now, because it could be ruined later.

+ Will my tattoo stretch ?: weight gain occurs during pregnancy, which can sometimes be significant. The area of ​​the skin that suffers the most is, obviously, the abdomen but you will go up in size all over the body and that will make your tattoo stretch. Depending on how your skin is, afterwards it will be the same or you will have marks like stretch marks, that can influence their appearance.

+ What if I have a cesarean section ?: in that case the tattoo you have on your belly may be totally deformed. Doctors are not careful in these cases and will do what they deem appropriate to get your baby.

+ What about the epidural and the lines?: If you have tattoos on your lower back they will not be able to put it on and you will have to give birth without anesthesia. Regarding the routes, which may be necessary, it is better that you do not have tattoos on your wrists.

If you want to know more about tattoos and pregnancy and about skin care during that special moment for women, watch the following video:

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