Tattooing these areas of the body is prohibited

There are certain parts of the body where it is better not to be done a tattoo and not for aesthetic reasons or because it hurts more, but for medical reasons. We explain what areas they are and why experts advise leaving them free of all ink.

+ Lower part of the column: tattoos on this part of the body are contraindicated in case you have to administer a Epidural anesthesia. The needle could drag ink particles into the body and the consequences could be very harmful. This type of anesthesia is the one that is usually used in childbirth, so it is especially bad in the case of women, but there are also other interventions that can affect boys, such as hip operations.

+ On a mole: If you cover a mole with a tattoo this would hide its development, so you could not monitor if it looks bad and must be removed. In the case of skin cancer it’s very dangerous.

+ Inside of the wrists: One of the most popular places to get a mini tattoo is the wrists, but the truth is that it carries its risks, such as not being able to lay a way in the area in the event of a hospital admission.

+ Inside the elbows: Have you noticed that every time you have a blood test you are pricked right in that area? If you get a tattoo on the inside of your elbows, it will be impossible. Make sure that if you carry it, it will be in only one of your arms.

+ Areas with less blood circulation: as the ankles or the wrists themselves are especially contraindicated for people who suffer from kidney failure, epilepsy, or diabetes. In the event of an allergic reaction to the ink, the consequences would be worse than for a healthy person

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