Tattoo socks, original alternative for those who hesitate to get a tattoo!

Do you doubt whether to get a tattoo or not? If your reasons for tattooing happen (only) to join the fashion, then rest assured, forget about needles because there are alternatives for you. In addition to henna or temporary tattoos, there are now a series of garments that imitate the aesthetics of tattoos: they are the tattoo socks.

The tattoo socks they are as its name indicates in English stockings that imitate different types of tattoos. In this way, it will look like you have tattooed legs without your skin having passed, not even a minute, under the needles.

There are several kinds of stockings that simulate tattoos. One of the most popular, and also the most discreet, with the stockings that combine black with flesh color and that incorporate some type of drawing that is above the knee. There is also another type of stocking, usually in flesh color, which incorporates a single drawing that usually goes on the sides of the legs. The last type is an almost completely printed stocking and in full color.

It is a type of stockings that is not discreet, so it is best to always wear them with dresses and skirts plain and neutral colors. The shorter they are, the better, because this way you will give more prominence to your tattoo socks. The first two types can also go well with garments of different colors. We love how they look with a red minidress. The latest type stockings, the ones that cover your patterned legs, are more suitable for more discreet garments. When in doubt, pick something in the dominant tone of the stocking, so you won’t be wrong. When wearing midi or long dresses, make better use of plain stockings.

The tattoo socks they are sold in online stores like Amazon or Etsy, where there is a great variety of designs that will delight the most launched.

The most colorful designs can make the legs appear wider, especially if they have horizontal drawings. However, you can always offset visual effect with high-heeled shoes (better without a bracelet because they also shorten) and a miniskirt. The clear and patterned stockings that run vertically along the legs will greatly lengthen the silhouette so they are perfect for the shorter ones.

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