Tattoo ideas for Valentine’s Day, all love!

Valentine’s Day It is getting closer and closer and if you are thinking of getting a tattoo that commemorates the most romantic day of the year, it may be time for you to start looking at designs. So when I arrive the 14th of February you will have it cured and perfect. Take note of our proposals.

+ Red rose: is the most present classic of this date and turning it into a tattoo will be a sure hit. Red roses represent love and passion.

+ Matching tattoos: Quiero I love you, I love you ’these matching tattoos are perfect for celebrate such a romantic day like this.

+ Nicknames: nothing more intimate and tender than tattooing something that represents your loving nicknamesThose that you never say in public but you love when you hear them.

+ Key and padlock: a classic in romantic Valentine’s day tattoos that will never go out of style. They represent that only you have the key to the other’s heart.

tattoos for valentine

+ Special moment: remember a romantic dinner, the first concert you went to with your partner … in the form of a tattoo is a super original idea.

tattoos for valentine

+ Crowns: they are very fashionable and have a message behind the most romantic thing, that the other person ‘reigns’ in your heart.

+ Heart: simple and precious, heart tattoos, especially those that are just an unfilled silhouette, we love them. They are simple and beautiful, as love should be.

+ Hug: hugs can be gestures much more intimate than a kiss or any other type of physical contact.

+I love you’:‘ I love you, I know ’is perfect for how direct it is as a tattoo. It represents not only love but the trust and certainty that a relationship with the right person gives.

+ Sentence: romantic phrases are also ideal for celebrate Valentine’s Day with a tattoo. We have loved this “I carry your heart.”

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