Tattoo ideas for horror lovers

The terrifying tattoos they are not for everyone. There are people who have a special predilection for things that can be scary to the rest. Precisely those people horror lovers They are the ones that would wear these tattoos. Some are inspired by characters from books and others in horror movies, but they are all very scary.

+ Werewolf tattoos

They are almost mythological creatures in many cultures. Be supposed to wolf men (or women) They are normal and ordinary people except for the nights of the full moon so they could represent that inside you there is an indomitable animal.

+ Skull tattoos

There are skulls and skulls. This for example is very scary because it seems almost real. In reality, skull tattoos do not represent death, but new beginnings, but this one does indeed evoke it.

+ Grim Reaper tattoo

In Spanish it is known as Death although you may also see it under this name in English. There are several ways to represent it, but the most classic is a skeleton with a large black cape with hood and scythe.

+ Demon tattoos

The demon tattoos They are very popular in Japanese culture although they are usually represented in full color. Demons are evil creatures and at least this one is very scary.

+ Zombie tattoo

The undead also have a privileged place in the imaginary of terror. You have endless comics and movies if you need inspiration to choose yours.

+ Ghost Tattoo

Ghosts can be friendly but this one is terrifying. You already know that ghosts represent the spirit of deceased persons so if spiritism suits you, it could be your tattoo.

+ Strange eye tattoo

Surely you’ve seen it in hundreds of horror movies, an eye peeking out of a slit and you don’t know what or who it belongs to …

+ Freddy, Jason and the Frankenstein monster tattoos

Three characters from classic horror movies, only Dracula is missing. Even if the most disturbing thing about this tattoo is another eye, especially since a mysterious hand emerges from it.

+ Kids tattoos

Films like Cherry ’,‘ The Ring ’or‘ The Prophecy ’are starring boys and girls who give very bad vibes.

+ Tattoo it

Has been the character of the year As for horror movies, but before it was also a very chilling book. If the clowns give you the creeps, it’s not for you.

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