Tattoo for women: which places of the body to choose?

Beyond paying homage to someone, getting a tattoo, it’s highlighting the body. For others, it is also reclaim your body. Indeed, it is the best solution to hide scars or make painful things beautiful (breast cancer). But on which part of the body to put your tattoo? We provide more details in this article.

The most sensitive parts for tattooing

For those who ignore it, there are certain areas of the body that are more sensitive than others. To put it simply, during the session, you may have a lot of pain in some places more than others. In women, the ankle is one of the most tattooed areas of the body. It must be said that this part is suitable for small words and small reasons.

Otherwise, the foot, ribs and sternum there are also serious alternatives for making a discreet tattoo. However, it should be noted that these areas are not at all easy to tattoo. Indeed, these parts cause terrible pain during the session. You will have to prepare accordingly if you choose these areas to accommodate your tattoo.

The back of the thighs and the spine are good places to get a tattoo to get more attention. For more details, you can take a tour of the site

The spine and the inside of the arms

Would you like to place a tattoo on your spine? It’s not a bad idea, but for those who don’t know, the spine is the seat of the nerves. You may therefore also have pain during the session .

Linside of the armsis also perfect for hosting small flower, little word , etc. Unfortunately, these areas are also sensitive to needle travel. This is because the skin in this area is very thin and the needles directly touch the veins, which leads to excruciating pain.

Less painful areas

Fortunately, the human body does not only contain areas that are very sensitive to needles. Indeed, if you want to make a tattoo, but not a big one, just a small drawing, finger is the right choice. The pain there is much more manageable. On the other hand, if it is to put you more in value, neckis to be preferred. The advantage of this part of the body is that you can easily camouflage your tattoo with your hair. And unlike other parts, the pain in the neck is less intense. Add to the neck, there is also the belly, buttocks, arm, upper shoulder, breasts , the back which are also the less areas painfulfor tattoo.


Ultimately, anyone can get a tattoo wherever they want. But as pointed out above, some parts of the body hurt more than others. For those who can handle the pain, they can choose the feet, spine, inner arms, etc. to accommodate their tattoo. Otherwise, opt for the top of the shoulder, fingers, etc.

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