Tattoo designs that mean freedom: very symbolic tattoos

Tattoos are not only an expression of art in its purest form, they are also a sample of the personality and way of being of those who wear them. And not only that, but each drawing has a story behind it and its own meaning. Do you adore tattoo designs that mean freedom? Then you don’t have to choose any of the very symbolic tattoosBoth pictures and words, which we are going to show you below. We started!

There are many tattoos, more and more special designs with unique meaning, however, in the case of the word ‘freedom’ there are few tattoos that refer to it. Freedom has always been and will always be sought by humans, is it due to the desire to leave the earthly? Or just for not having ties or responsibilities? The fact is that more and more people are encouraged to get a tattoo whose meaning is ‘freedom’. Read on and you will find out why.

+ Butterflies: the tattoo that speaks of freedom

A butterfly in black and white or full color represents freedom and the desire to fly of who wears a tattoo of this style. On the other hand, the butterfly can be represented alone or in a group, in the second case, in addition to referring to freedom, a nod is made to the desire to fly with loved ones.

+ The dragonfly is also a symbol of freedom

These small creatures of fascinating nature are also associated with the symbolism of freedom. It should be noted that a tattooed dragonfly also makes mention of the delicate and beautiful, the same characteristics that are related to these insects. Did you know that dragonflies also symbolize good luck, harmony and strength?

+ Flying bird tattoos symbolize freedom

A bird that spreads its wings to begin flight is associated with freedom in its purest form. Hence, flying bird tattoos symbolize freedom. A bird tattoo can be small or large, it can be drawn coming out of a cage and it can also be accompanied by other elements of nature such as the sun, the sea or the mountains. Plus…

– He thunder bird tattoo it also means freedom. It is the creature of Amerindian mythology, from North America, which represents the force of nature and the desire of human beings to fly in full freedom.

Eye of horus. The Egyptian God Horus (deity of the sky) was one of the most important, so much so that he is represented with the falcon, the same great animal that reminds us of the importance of living free.

+ Balloon tattoos, do you dare to get one?

Continuing with the list of tattoos that mean freedom it is now the turn of the balloons. Balloon tattoos, whether they are aerostatic rising to the sky, flying over the clouds or just a child balloon also speak of the desire for freedom intrinsic to the human being, the latter also speaks of the importance of never forgetting the child that one day we were.

+ Moon phases

the phases of the moon represent life and therefore freedom that is associated with it. Life changes just like the moon does in each of its phases, it could not be like that if it did not enjoy the necessary freedom. What is a most special tattoo? And not only that but one of the most requested today.

+ Angel wings

The angel wings, you already know it well, mean freedom, wisdom and heavenly life. The same attributes that are transferred to a small or large angel wing tattoo. Whoever wears a tattoo of this type makes it clear that he himself is the owner of his life and no one else.

+ Feather tattoo, freedom for oneself

Another of the favorite designs today and that also mean freedom are feather tattoos. It is no wonder, it is a beautiful tattoo that gives a lot of play because it can be done in black and white, in color and you can also choose if you want to carry a single pen or several. Did you know that a feather tattoo also means dreams and desires of the soul?

+ Star tattoo: freedom and hope

Star tattoos are attributed various meanings, from truth and spirit, to freedom and hope, to courage and bravery. In this case, the designs also admit multiple shapes, such as a star that shines alone on a blue background that acts as the sky or a few small stars that are grouped in the middle of the darkness. Will this be your favorite tattoo with meaning of freedom?

+ The Tree of Life

The tree of life has different meanings depending on the culture; strength, protection, knowledge, eternal life and freedom they are the most common. It is also a symbol of resistance and energy represented in many ways, including the tattoo.

+ The compass of freedom

The compass shows us the way forward and guides us along the path of freedom. Undoubtedly a tattoo that is a nod to the long-awaited freedom, especially if we accompany it with the large-winged bird that we have talked about before.

We have seen a number of tattoos that mean freedom each one more beautiful, do you think if we end up with a series of tattoos in which the main design is the word freedom? Surely you like them as much or more than we do!

+ Freedom

This word in English means ‘freedom’ in Spanish. It is a word that you can write in capital letters (or lower case, depending on your taste) and in full color. How good it sounds!

+ Free – Free

This short word, in Spanish or English, is perfect to place on the ankle or in the hand, it reflects the desire to be free and to be able achieve the dreams of each.

+ Live each day with freedom and madness

A phrase that speaks of the importance of living based on freedom and also madness because it is what makes life not become boring. If you think that the tattoo falls short add this other: ‘and do it as if it were the last’. Now it’s up to you to choose the place where you are going to get this tattoo phrase that means freedom and passion for life.

+ I am a lover of freedom

What does this mean? Well, that you value freedom above all else and that you want to enjoy it alongside your loved ones. Choose a beautiful font or bet on translating it into an Asian language.

+ Free yourself – Free yourself

We close the list of tattoos that signify freedom with a phrase that invites you and everyone who will read it, to be free and fight for it. It refers to a freedom in which each one can pursue the goals they want without anything or anyone telling them that they will not achieve it. We love!

And you? Have you already picked your favorite freedom tattoo? Let us know!

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