Sun and moon tattoo: know its meaning

The tattoo of the sun and the tattoo of a moon separately may like to capture them on your skin, but if you want a spectacular tattoo, then you should not ignore joining these two symbols as old as life itself. These symbols have always been important in all cultures since the beginning of time. Are you thinking of making yourself a sun and moon tattoo? Its meaning implies a mystery of opposites that face and, at the same time, complement each other … We tell you everything!

As usual, the sun and moon tattoo can have different meanings, but it will always be you who ultimately decides what they mean exactly to you, depending on your personal circumstances. Beyond personal interpretation, these are some of the meanings that have been attributed to this type of symbolic tattoo.

one A tattoo about harmony

The sun is the essential of masculine energy, light and heat while the moon is the symbol of the feminine mystery and of creation. When both symbols are joined in the design, the sun and the moon are seen as a union of two opposite poles that come together to create a harmonious unity, very similar to the Yin-Yang symbol.

two This tattoo talks about stability

The sun and the moon represent the two extremes of human nature, necessary to achieve balance and stability. The Sun rises every day, the Earth warms and illuminates to help all living beings that live in it to survive. The moon for its part, illuminates the night sky at night and its severity affects the tides, pregnant women and even the mood of people.

3 Activity vs. Passivity

You are connected to Sun and moon directly and you don't even realize it! The sun feels like an active agent of life and the moon as the passive principle. The union of the sun and the moon is like yin and yang – good and evil. Sometimes when the sun is designed with a moon and they are braided it means love and marriage as a couple.

If you are looking for inspiration to make you a beautiful sun and moon tattoo, here we give you some ideas taken directly from Instagram.

+ A tattoo on each foot

Do you want to get your tattoo on a discreet place of your body that you can cover easily? Get your sun and moon tattoo on your feet; each celestial body in each of the insteps. We warn you that it is a type of tattoo that hurts a lot, since it is a part of the body in which the bone is very close to the surface of the skin. Would you do this sun and moon tattoo?

+ With the most important lyrics of your life

Getting a tattoo in honor of the person you love most is A nice, special and lasting tribute. In this case, we propose a moon inscribed within a sun that you can accompany with the initials of those you love most. In this way, the owner of this original tattoo could have children named Lucas, Sofía, Daniel and Ana.

To make your tattoo a little more cheerful, you can always add colored ink. But, try to balance your design to prevent it from becoming a meaningless rainbow.

+ Minimalist sun and moon tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are in fashion; The simpler your design, the better. We liked this tattoo for its simplicity and for its intense colors. With a delineated sun and a gradient of colors has shaped the powerful meaning of this type of symbols on your skin. As you can see, it is necessary to fill the ink arm to achieve a tattoo of 10.

+ Tattoo with phrase

From this tattoo we are left with two details. On the one hand we love the idea of ​​accompanying the design with a pretty phrase that completes the meaning of the drawing or to add new nuances. In this case, you can read ‘Never give up’ (never give up) and ‘here and now’ (here and now).

But we also like the arrangement of the tattoo that, despite the fact that the sun and the moon are tattooed on different arms, can complement each other. Undoubtedly, the way to face the celestial bodies to the phrase is very original.

+ Half sun and half moon

Surely there are days when you feel radiant like the sun and others where you are taciturn like the moon. This is, in part, what this back tattoo reflects: the duality that governs the universe that also dwells in ourselves. Beyond that you like this design more or less, add an interesting interpretation to the tattoos of this theme.

+ Sun and moon tattoo with Polynesian style

Polynesian style is present in the body of many people around the world in the form of a tattoo. Is about a very widespread tattoo style because it is aesthetically beautiful and very exotic.

In this case, it has been applied to the sun and moon motif for a tattoo at the base of the neck. And, although a somewhat disorganized design may be a long way off, seeing it closely the ink lines begin to make sense.

+ Tattoo to convey a way of being

Energetic, radiant, cheerful and active people feel more identified with the sun. However, those that tend to be quieter, more thoughtful, mysterious and interesting feel closer to the moon. Therefore, this person has decided to tattoo the names of Paula and Enzo within a sun and a moon respectively.

The tattoo artist has decided to accompany this design with small dots around and stars that combine their colors with those of the rest of the tattoo.

+ The most original tattoo

Although they seem limited by the theme, the possibilities of sun and moon tattoos are almost endless. You just have to blow your imagination to come up with such original ideas Like this sun and moon Play with empty space and padding to create a very special design. Do you have in mind to do something like this?

+ Sun and moon to accompany other tattoos

The sun and the moon can also serve to accompany other tattoos and give them more meaning. This is what happens with this tattoo in the style of The Great Wave of Kanagawa. In this case, the celestial bodies have been tattooed just on the opposite side of the roots, to symbolize an opposition between what is on our heads and what we have under our feet.

However, the sun and the moon can also accompany very varied designs to give them a certain mystery and spirituality. In this case, they have also accompanied our symbol with four-pointed stars.

Have you thought about getting a sun and moon tattoo? What ideas do you have in mind? In Diario Femenino we have many more tattoo designs that could inspire you.

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