Sexy tattoos for men

Sexy tattoos for men

Each person is different and has peculiar tastes. Tattoos are a way of expressing our own personality in our body through body art. While some men will prefer a tattoo that gives them a rough and wild look, others will want to have a more intellectual appearance. What is clear is that tattoos are a fad that can turn a normal man into a very sexy and deeply attractive one. In this article of unCOMO we show you which are the best sexy tattoos for men and in what parts of the body they are. Take note of the tattoos you like best and give your body a unique and special style.

Sexy tattoos for men on the arms

The arms is undoubtedly the favorite area of ​​many men to get a tattoo. In this area this expression of body art can be very sexy since they highlight the muscles of the biceps, enhance the curves of the arm muscles and also give movement and definition. In short, a tattoo on the arm highlights the masculinity of a man.

Next, we show you the sexiest tattoos for your arms:

  • Forearm area: You can opt for compass tattoos or coordinates of an important place, a triangle or several and / or tattoo something related to nature like a tree or a forest.
  • Biceps area: It is very sexy to carry a pin-up woman, a mandala, a lion or a mythological animal like a tribal dragon in this area.
  • Shoulder area: The sexiest and masculine art for the shoulder are the Maori designs and the skulls.
Sexy tattoos for men - Sexy tattoos for men on the arms

Sexy chest tattoos

A tattoo (or several) on the chest is also an option that also greatly favors men. If you want to make a sexy chest tattoo We give you several tips to guide you in your decision and choose the option that best suits you:

  • Many men decide to tattoo their entire chest since it highlights their masculinity and increase their attractiveness.
  • As examples of sexy images for the chest would be an animal like the eagle with the wings unfolded, a phrase that marks the entire chest horizontally or even make several as if it were a notebook of drawings.
  • Another very sexy option are those that cover the shoulder, a shoulder blade and a part of the chest. If you decide on these three zones, the best option is Maori designs.
  • If you want to be sexier you can wear a shirt with enough opening so that it looks just a little bit of the tattoo.
Sexy tattoos for men - Sexy chest tattoos

Sexy tattoos in the abdomen area

One of the sexiest parts of a man to be highlighted with a tattoo is the abdominal area. In addition, it is that this area of ​​the body is one of the most attractive and suggestive since the tattoo can be seen between the shirt and what is left out of the pants making the person who has discovered it wonder how the rest of the tattoo will be .

If you have marked abs a tattoo in this area will be very sexy. You can do it in the abdomen, the oblique area down to the groin or also on the side of the abdomen.

Back tattoos

The back It is also a good site for its ample space to capture the image you like best. Most men who tattoo their backs are looking to make great drawings with either color or black ink. Among the sexiest and suggestive designs we find dragons, tribal or Japanese motifs like warriors or geisha.

Another very sexy option for a man is to have a tattoo that occupies all upper back. In this case, you can choose between a tribal, an animal with wings or directly angel wings or something similar.

Sexy tattoos for men - Back tattoos

Other sexy tattoos for men

If the previous ideas do not convince you, especially if it is the first time that you tattoo, then we detail more ideas and recommendations:

  • If it is the first time that you tattoo you can opt for a design that is simple and small. Some designs that are very sexy on the skin are anchors, stars or a nautical star.
  • The neck is a place where any tattoo can be very attractive and sexy. You can opt for a small design like a star or the symbol of infinity or, for the most daring, tattoo your entire neck.
  • Finally, you can choose to tattoo a phrase, a date or a text that means something to you.

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