Risks of getting a piercing

Risks of getting a piercing

Scarlett Johansson wears multiple ear piercings. Gtres

Piercings are usually very good, they are striking and can make us feel more handsome, but, like tattoos, they can have detrimental consequences for your health. These are the most important according to the area of ​​the body in which you do them.

+ Mouth: whether it is on the tongue, on the frenulum or on the lips, piercings in the mouth are one of the most dangerous there is and that can cause difficulties with eating, an excess of saliva in the mouth, even serious infections, and even , the loss of a tooth.

+ Nose: Nose-fingered piercings are gorgeous and a girl’s favorite, however they also have risks. They may appear keloids, a kind of very annoying granites next to the slope. Infections can also occur and are painful, as well as blisters and boils.

+ Belly button: The biggest complication that can arise from a navel piercing (leaving aside the infections and allergies that are common to all) is that the ring hooks on clothing or a belt and produces a tear in the skin.

+ Ears: While the lobes are one of the safest areas, cartilage, having less blood flow, is the most exposed to suffer infections and they also take longer to heal.

+ Genitals: In these areas, in addition to being more painful because they are full of nerve endings, piercings also increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

With all this, we do not want to take away the desire to get a piercing, just inform you of the risks that exist if you want to get one.

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