Piercing or tattoo, what goes better with you?

Not that they are incompatible, in fact many people wear the two types of decorations on different parts of their bodies without any problem, but it is true that they are not for everyone. Depending on how your personality is, you will get piercings or tattoos or maybe both …

+ Ear piercings: It is the favorite area for many people. It is true that they are more discreet because you can hide them with your hair down or because by removing them you will not notice that you have perforations. They allow all kinds of combinations, although now they are very fashionable mimic the shape of the constellations. Ideal for discreet people, but with a rebellious side.

+ Piercings on the face: nose piercings are typical of creative and daring people. In the mouth, one of the most blatant, while areas such as cheeks or eyebrows or any other part of the body are reserved for true fans of piercings and, often, also tattoos.

+ Discreet tattoos: they are the equivalent of ear piercings. They are reserved for those who want express deep feelings by drawing, but tattoos don’t feel like a way of life. They like that they do not look too much so that they do not condition them in their day to day, so they are perfect for somewhat shy people.

+ Flashy tattoos: It does not happen in all cases, but in many, these types of tattoos are usually the ones that wear daring people with a strong character, without fear or prejudice and who understand the tattoo as a means of expression and art. These types of people also usually wear all kinds of piercings.

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