Phrase ideas for tattooing as a couple: all love!

Phrase ideas for tattooing as a couple

There are certain types of decisions in life that are not easy at all. One of them is to launch a tattoo. However, there is an even more complicated one: Get a couple tattoo.

To carry out this ‘madness’ you have to be very clear that this is the person you really want to spend the rest of your life with. If you are convinced, then the Phrase ideas for tattooing as a couple We leave you below can help you. It will be a show of precious love for each other! Of course, they are only suitable for the most in love!

If you are clear that your love is going to be for a lifetime and you have in mind getting a tattoo together as a symbol of your love, then we leave you the best ideas of phrases to tattoo with your boyfriend. You will love them!

one I love him, I love her

You love your partner and he loves you. You love each other and that's why you're together, right? There is not best tattoo that reflects that love unconditional than this. The translation into Spanish would mean the following: I love him, I love her. The first of the phrases is ideal for the tattoo of the girl and the second for the tattoo of the boy. If you choose a beautiful letter, the result will be wonderful!

two Always with you

Who does not believe in the "forever" is that he has not known true love. If you want to tattoo some romantic words in Spanish with your partner, this is the best choice. Being a short phrase you can tattoo it on one of the fingers of the hand, for example. Just remember to choose a good typography!

3 Two minds, one soul

This phrase of love for tattooing as a couple perfectly reflects the power of your union. You are two different and independent people, but when you are together you merge into a single essence. Is there anything more beautiful than impregnate that link with ink on your skin?

4 Best friends, best lovers

In a relationship, friendship is essential. Your partner must be above all your great friend, that person with whom you have a special complicity that you do not have with any other. In addition, you and your partner must have a chemistry that only sparks by looking at you. If you have both, this tattoo is custom made for you.

5 Team up

You and your partner make a great team, right? You are always next to each other, you support each other and together you make life even more unique and beautiful. Why don't you shout to the world your union by tattooing the phrase ‘Team up’? These English words mean precisely ‘make pineapple’ or ‘make a team’ and you can accompany them with an original design that reflects that link. You will not regret it!

6 Always

Do you see a distant future with your boyfriend? Would you like to live with him and start a family? Do you visualize him being the father of your children? So a tattoo with the word ‘Always’ (‘Always’ in English) is perfect for you. It is a term that sums up your type of relationship very well: a love for life.

7 Trust

‘Trust’ is an English word that means ‘trust’. It can also act as a verb in which case it means ‘trust’. It is a perfect word for a couple tattoo if one of the basic pillars for you in your relationship is based on sincerity.

8 One Life, One Love

If you believe in love for a lifetime and you believe that the first love is the only and true love, this tattoo is the best option for your boyfriend and you. 'One life one Love'. That is what these words mean in English.

There is nothing better than A tattoo to seal your love forever. We help you choose the best design with these beautiful and original phrases with a very deep meaning. You will only have to worry about being happy and eating partridges!

9 Love vincit omnia

Love conquers everything, right? If you and your partner have faced a lot of obstacles, turn to this famous Latin phrase to leave it printed for life on your skin.

10 To infinity and beyond

'To infinity and beyond'. This is the translation of this tattoo in English which perfectly reflects how your relationship is. There are no borders or obstacles capable of preventing you from being together. You can split this tattoo in two (as in the picture) and let each one of you tattoo a part. Both the wrist and the ribs are good places to do it. Let the ink flow!

eleven Live, Laugh, Love

Live laugh Love. That is what these three powerful words mean and there is nothing better than tattoo them as a couple to always remember what are the fundamental premises of your relationship.

12 I never let you go

They say that you don't know what you have until you lose it, but you do know it and you are not willing to let it escape. Throw yourself into tattooing this beautiful phrase with your partner who in Spanish means: ‘I will never let you go’. It is a tattoo that demonstrates unconditional love and eternal, a full-fledged commitment.

13 Take these broken wings and learn to fly

You have broken your heart millions of times, but now you have found the love of your life and it has begun to heal each and every one of your wounds. The meaning of this melancholic phrase in English is ‘Take these broken wings and learn to fly’. A few words that perfectly reflect that love that has come to save you from the precipice.

14 The force of your love sustains me

There is nothing more powerful than love to get up when we fall and to make us happy when we are sad. What do you think of this phrase to tattoo with your boy?

fifteen Follow me I'll follow you

‘Follow me. I will follow you'. This is the meaning of this statement in English. ideal for tattooing in duet. If you consider that your partner is the most important thing for you and you love to follow in their footsteps, do not hesitate to propose to make this beautiful tattoo together!

16 Guide me, hold me

This phrase in English means in Spanish the following:: Guide me, hug me ’. We believe that there is nothing more comforting than a hug from that person you love, so this is a unique and special couple tattoo.

How beautiful is love and how beautiful it is to show it through a tattoo, right? Take note of these ideas! Only suitable for the most in love!

17 A heart, a love

One of the world's most romantic languages ​​is Portuguese, so tattoo a couple a love phrase in this tongue it can be a gesture that forever seals your love. The Spanish translation is as follows: ‘A heart, a love’. Because although the heart is very large, only one person fits in yours: your partner.

18 Don't lie, just love

'Without lies only love'. This is what this phrase of love means for tattooing as a couple. Because true relationships are based on sincerity and truth. If for you that fidelity is the most important thing, burn it on your skin. It will be a magical gesture!

19 Mr. Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. in Spanish means ‘sir’ and ‘madam’ and it’s a very original tattoo To become a couple. You can do as the couple in the picture and accompany it with some ears of Minnie and Mickey Mouse respectively. Do you cheer up?

twenty I may not see you, but I can feel you around

Unfortunately not all relationships can be rosy and, although there are people who are worshiped and destined to be together, they have to live their relationship at a distance. However, that does not prevent feelings from emerging and staying alive. For this type of relationship this phrase in English to tattoo as a couple is perfect to beat the kilometers. Means: ‘I may not see you, but I can feel you close’.

twenty-one My prince My princess

Are you a princess for your boyfriend? Is he a prince for you? If you both like to wear a crown and feel like members of the same royalty, this tattoo is the best. Ideally, the girl be tattooed "My prince" (referred to her boyfriend) and the boy tattooed "My princess" (referred to his girlfriend). Very original!

22 You are my sunshine

If your partner is everything to you and you are everything to her, this tattoo could be predestined for you. It is an English phrase that means ‘You are my sun’ and we ask ourselves: Is there something more beautiful, intense and bigger than the sun? Yes, the love you feel for each other.

2. 3 Wild

If yours is a wild and passionate love, this is your couple tattoo since the word palabra wild ’means wild or wild. You can choose to tattoo it in English or Spanish and you can accompany the phrase of a pretty drawing of a bird coming out of a cage, for example. Beautiful!

24 Letting love find a way

This beautiful phrase in English means something like ‘Letting love find its way’. They are beautiful words that you can tattoo with your partner on the foot. Because love always has the answer to any problem or obstacle. If you choose a typeface like the one in the image, you will have a tattoo of the most original with the ’T’ and the ‘V’ forming a heart. Beautiful!

25 You are my person

If you are a fan of the Grey's Anatomy series, you will probably know the meaning of this phrase perfectly. In Spanish it means ‘You are my person’. If your partner is your friend, your lover, your life partner This tattoo perfectly defines your relationship. You are all for each other and, therefore, you must leave it engraved on your body with these very special words.

Would you do a couple tattoo? Do you like these phrases to get a tattoo?

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