Peace Symbol Tattoo: 6 Ways To Get It

He peace symbol It is one of the most popular tattoos among people with a hippy spirit, as it has represented their movement from the beginning. If you also want to wear this sign on your skin, we will show you several alternatives so that you Peace symbol tattoo be more special.

+ Classic: in black and very simple. It is simply the circle divided in the middle with two other oblique lines. Can combine it with other simple symbols, like a heart or a star, or wear it alone.

+ flowers: We really like this solution with the peace symbol, made from flowers, because it perfectly embodies the hippy spirit of the 60s and, in addition, it is beautiful.

peace symbol tattoo

+ Landscape: it is a very original way of combine two tattoos that, in principle, could be two and very different between them. It is a landscape cut out with the shapes of the peace symbol.

+ Heart: two other symbols in one: a symbol of peace, but instead of circular, it is a heart. An ingenious solution that adds extra meaning, that of love.

+ Daisy flower: daisies are the flowers of peace par excellence, they are white, delicate and very sweet, So the idea of ​​including a symbol of peace in its center seems wonderful to us because it reinforces the meaning of the two elements much more.

+ Mandala: mandalas are circular drawings with many intricate shapes inside that facilitate concentration and meditation. As you can see, a symbol of peace can also be included in its center.

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