One line tattoos: discreet and very cool

With a single line you can build multitude of different drawings in the form of a tattoo: animals of all kinds, portraits, forests … everything you can think of has a place in this very special tattoo style.

+ Wolf tattoo

Wolves represent strength and survival and are also symbols of a united family.

+ Tree Tattoo

Forests and trees can also be represented with a single stroke. Trees represent life and love for nature.

+ Flower tattoo

From roses to orchids, every flower can be represented by drawing in a single line. Remember that each type of flower represents different concepts so you will have a very personal tattoo.

+ Tattoo of names

If you want to tattoo a name, this formula is the most original because it becomes on a bracelet.

One line tattoos

+ Portrait tattoo

A face can also be painted with a single line and it looks like this suggestive and beautiful.

One line tattoos

+ Silhouettes Tattoo

We like this beautiful tattoo as I remember or tribute to a loved one that can also be done with a single stroke.

+ Bird tattoo

Birds in flight represent freedom and we can’t think of a more elegant way to get tattooed one that is.

+ Cup tattoo

Do you like wine? Well this cup it looks great with this style. Super original!

+ Anchor tattoo

Anchors are one of the most popular tattoos of the moment although they belong to the classical iconography of tattoos.

One line tattoos

+ Animal tattoo

If you want to tattoo several animals together for, for example, represent various members of your family or simply because you like them, this is an elegant and original way to do it.

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