Navel piercing, everything you need to know

The navel piercing It is one of the most popular, especially among women (only 4% of those who wear it are men). They are very sexy, but wearing it also has its risks. Here you have everything you need to know before doing it to you.

+ What does it mean?

Wear a piercing anywhere on the body is a reflection of your personality, of your individuality and your rebellion. Although millions of people carry them today, they retain part of this meaning, but what is important, nevertheless, is what it represents to you.

+ Can it be hidden or covered?

One of the great advantages of this type of drilling is that it is located in a very discreet area It will never be seen in more serious environments such as work.

+ Types of belly button piercings

Although the most normal thing is to have the upper crease of the navel pierced, there are more possibilities. You can also perforate yourself at the bottom and combine both or do it only in one of the two folds. Another less popular option is the horizontal piercing. It does just below the navel through the skin from side to side.

+ Does it hurt to do a navel piercing?

Each person has a different pain tolerance, But the truth is that it does not hurt more than to make an earring in your ear. Cartilage perforations are the most painful and none are pierced here so the pain will be tolerable.

+ Healing time

However, the healing process is slower here than in other parts of the body. It takes 6 to 9 months to heal, so be patient.

+ Navel piercing care

Like any piercing requires a series of basic care. During the first 6 months you should clean it about three times a day with saline solution and then dry it with gauze (never use cotton or toilet paper because they leave residues that can infect the wound).

+ Risks

All piercings are in danger of becoming infected if they do not heal well, but it is something that can be prevented if you spend a few minutes a day. There is also a risk of rejection, to minimize it better resort to good quality jewelry, in gold, silver or surgical steel. If they catch something they can tear the skin, so it is advisable to wear them with wide clothing, especially at the beginning.

+ What if I am pregnant and have a navel piercing?

If you do not have a piercing, do not do it while you are pregnant. If you already have it, you should remove it when your belly begins to grow or replace your usual jewel with a specific one for pregnancy, made of a flexible material.

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