Mini tattoos versus large tattoos

Can’t you decide if you want a large tattoo or a mini one? When it comes to tattoos, size does matter. We tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of large tattoos and also of small ones, if they are for you and if you are prepared to accept the consequences of wearing one and the other.

+ Advantages of small tattoos: they are perfect for beginners because they take much less time to make; are less painful, cheaper and they can hide easily with clothes, jewelry or even makeup; They are very delicate and beautiful and leave you more space for other tattoos.

+ Disadvantages of small tattoos: they tend to lose definition over time and are more difficult to maintain; they hardly admit colors; if you wear them in visible areas, you can get fed up before them; and they are usually less personal because there are fewer possibilities to combine them.

+ Advantages of large tattoos: they can be true works of art; They will give you a unique and special air; They admit all kinds of colors and combinations of different elements in a single tattoo, and finally, they are a symbol of courage and resistance against pain.

+ Disadvantages of large tattoos: they are much more difficult to conceal or hide; they can cause you problems in the workplace; it costs more to eliminate them, they are more painful, expensive to do, and also require more time; In addition, you have a lot of space left to get more tattoos.

+ The little ones are for you if … you prefer to dress discreetly, you are somewhat shy, you like minimalist style or tattoos of phrases.

+ The big ones are for you if … you have a very strong personality and you don’t care what other people think, you like it draw attention and you’ve always dreamed of getting a winged horse tattooed on your back.

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