Meaning of compass tattoos

Meaning of compass tattoos


Surely more than once you've seen someone with a tattooed compass somewhere in the body and, perhaps, doubts have arisen about its meaning. This element is usually used so that people can orient themselves in natural spaces such as mountains, oceans, etc., because they point to the cardinal points of the Earth but, in addition to this practical utility, there are other meanings that can be given to compasses, about Everything, if we permeate them under our skin. In this article of a How are we going to discover the meaning of compass tattoos so that you understand why people take them and, also, you can decide whether or not it fits with your personality and way of living your life.

The tradition of compass tattoos

Compasses are a type of tattoo old school that was very used by sailors since it was the nautical instrument thanks to which they could return home safely. The compass contains the North star, that is, the star that marks this cardinal point and that was an astral element that also helped the orientation at sea. But, in addition, it also contains the wind rose, that is, the different cardinal points that are in the world and that help us to orientate ourselves and know where we have to go.

Therefore, sailors chose to tattoo compasses on their skin to be protected in their journeys by sea. But, it was also considered the only element they could hold on to return home and, therefore, all their destiny was in the hands of this precious object. This is the reason why many sailors tattooed them on the body.

Over the years, the compass continues to be one of the most requested designs among tattooists and, in fact, they continue to maintain their original significance although it is adapted to modern uses.

Meaning of compass tattoos - The tradition of compass tattoos


Compass tattoos to find the way

Following in the wake of the traditional meaning of compass tattoos, one of the uses they are given today are as the sign that will help us "not lose the north", that is, to find our way in life. Just as sailors used these objects to find the way to take them home, now these tattoos can be extrapolated and refer to a more metaphorical and broad path: the path of life, our destiny.

In this sense, tattoos can be accompanied by phrases or different elements that complement this meaning of orientation in life. Being balanced, walking straight and building a satisfying life are some of the reasons why people can end up deciding on these tattoos.

Meaning of compass tattoos - Compass tattoos to find the way


Good luck or protection symbol

There are also people who decide to tattoo a compass withor good luck symbol, as did the sailors of yesteryear. Wearing the skin will give us good luck because, throughout life, it will help us stay straight on our path, not to get lost and be consistent with our way of being and thinking.

Formerly they were used as a sign of good luck and, now, it can be used with the same meaning but expanding its meaning indicating that it is the element that will help you always stay true to yourself and not let yourself be dragged by any current that may exist in your life . Strength, security and value It is what this tattoo can also represent.

Meaning of compass tattoos - Symbol of good luck or protection


The compasses to meet our goals

Another of the meanings of compass tattoos They refer to an element in these objects: the North Star. It was the star to which the seamen resorted to be able to guide themselves during the night and know where the North is, therefore, thanks to it they could discover the way back home and, thus, achieve the objective they were looking for when they returned.

In this sense, these tattoos can also be understood today as a symbol that will help us to meet our goals that we intend, like the sailors, the compass can guide our path and help that the purposes we want to fulfill, we can end up making them a reality. The compass represents the direction and orientation that should be followed when we set a goal.

Meaning of compass tattoos - Compasses to meet our goals


Compass tattoo as a symbol of your home

There are more and more people who they live far from home and, therefore, many often choose to tattoo a compass on their skin as a sign of their home, the marked desire that they want to return home and that this is the way forward to do so.

They can also be taken by people who live at home but have a relative away and, in this case, the tattoo would mean that your home is with that other person, not in your country. For this reason, this design is also one of the most used by couples indicating that the other person is their true home.

In a How we discover the best tattoos for couples in case you want to become a duo.

Meaning of compass tattoos - Compass tattoo as a symbol of your home


Compass tattoos as a sign of traveling

Many people who love the world of travel, also decide to tattoo a compass on the body to mark that his home is everybody. These designs are usually accompanied by maps of the world or other elements typical of the world of travel (airplanes, maps, etc.) as it is the best way to represent the meaning of your tattoo.

Let's not forget that The compass is the basic tool for travel both on the high seas and on land and, therefore, it is one of the most suitable if what you love is to board a plane and travel from end to end of the planet to discover it and get to know as much as possible.

Meaning of compass tattoos - Compass tattoos as a sign of travel


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