Make your mark with these tattoos

Your dogs can be part of your family, so wearing a tattoo as a keepsake or tribute to them is a great idea. After all, they always accompany us in difficult times, They give us their love and make us smile more often than many people. One of the options that has the most followers is to tattoo one or more of his fingerprints and we give you several options.

+ Black and white tattoos

It is the most basic option and also the most discreet and elegant. You can make a single footprint and carry it anywhere on the body.

+ Joint tattoos

Another idea of ​​the most popular is that of wear a set of footprints. These can also refer to your love for all animals, not just your own dog.

+ Tattoo painting

It is the same tattoo, but with a colored background that imitates painting. This little ‘ornament’ can be simply to make the tattoo more beautiful and colorful or to reflect your love for art as well as for animals.

+ Watercolor tattoo

A precious multicolor watercolor effect that adorns the footprint is ideal for cheerful and daring people with a puppy that looks like them.

+ Mandala tattoo

Another ‘fill’ option for your footprint is that of a mandala. As you know, mandalas with complex geometric drawings They serve to meditate, but thanks to their great beauty they have become fashionable tattoos.

+ Tattoo heart

Besides of watercolor effect that we have already commented, what stands out most about this tattoo is the little heart of one of the fingerprints of the footprint. One way to reinforce the idea that that pet belongs to your family and you want her as one more member.

+ Tattoo name

In addition to your dog’s footprint, you can tattoo yourself too your name right next to you.

+ Portrait Tattoo

It is a very original way of bringing your best friend’s portrait, as a ‘filler’ for its own footprint.

Make your mark with these tattoos

+ Footprints mix tattoo

Including the tracks of your dogs in a tattoo along with those of your children is a very special way to demonstrate tu great love for them.

Make your mark with these tattoos

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