its astronomical meaning and interpretation

Tattoos with planets: meaning and interpretation
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Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Mars … We all know the planets and what they represent within the galaxy, however, there are still many mysteries that revolve around them. Perhaps it is that air of mystery that makes them so attractive to tattoo them on the skin. Have you noticed that more and more people (men and women) are betting on this type of design? Therefore, in Diario Femenino we tell you what it is the special meaning of tattoos with planets. Will not leave you indifferent!

There are designs in which a single planet is represented and others in which there is practically the entire Milky Way, which is to say, because there are thousands of planets. Whoever chooses one or the other does so not only because of how beautiful it is, but also because of the meaning and the very spatial interpretation that is given to a tattoo of planets. Read what we are going to tell you now, it will serve to satisfy your curiosity and also to decide if you finally become one too.

Who carry this type of tattoo somewhere in your body is that they have a specific way of seeing life. They give the same importance to what is earthly as to what is not; furthermore, they feel a great curiosity for everything that has to do with celestial bodies. Many of them, if not all, have a great passion for astronomy, so much so that it would not be surprising if there were more than one book on this subject at home.

But people who decide to get planets tattooed on their skin do not always have to be astronomy lovers, there may also be people who like it its astrological and even spiritual meaning that each of the planets has assigned.

Tattoos in which one planet is next to another symbolize the union of the worlds. Those that represent a planet accompanied by rings, stars and even meteorites go a little further, as they also represents the entire galaxy and all the secrets that are hidden in it.

If your idea is to get a separate tattoo of a single planet, it does not matter if it is simple, in color or with the rings orbiting around it, what you should know, before choosing Mercury, Mars or any of them, is what they symbolize.

+ Mercury. If you tattoo Mercury, for example, on top of your back, you will be making its meaning yours: communication and intellectual power. In turn, she speaks of. reasoning, the teaching and the education.

+ Venus. Represents the beauty, the harmony and also, the sexuality and the love. No wonder it is one of the favorites of many and many. He rules in romantic relationships and in business associations. Isn’t it curious?

+ Mars. God of war, represents the aggressiveness and the purest energy. The red planet also symbolizes the ambition and the impulsiveness.

+ Jupiter. A Jupiter tattoo symbolizes social and personal growth. On the other hand, it is associated with prosperity and the good luck, so much so that it is considered in many cultures as a powerful charm to attract good luck.

+ Saturn. Force, Will, determination and constancy They are adjectives that are associated with this planet and, therefore, with a tattoo that faithfully represents it. The planet of the rings also speaks of restraint and responsibility.

+ Uranus. Symbolizes the creation, the intuition, he change and the new energies. Reason why it is one of the women’s favorites. Did you know that it is named after the Greek divinity of heaven?

+ Neptune. It is inspiration And it is dream. On the other hand, it symbolizes self improvement and the ability to resilience of each individual.

+ land. The last on our list is ours, Earth. A tattoo of this planet symbolizes the origin and consciousness. Represents the femininity, the intelligence and the objectivity.

There are people who decide to tattoo all those planets whose meaning is adjusted to their personality or their way of seeing life, others prefer to tattoo only one planet and others who instead prefer to tattoo the entire solar system or even invented planets or that do not exist. Planet tattoos are very personal tattoos and as you can see, have a lot of meaning and strength in their design, They say a lot about your personality!

What is your opinion of these tattoos with planets? Would you get one now that you already know everything they symbolize?

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