Is it normal that my tattoo is peeling? Reasons for flaking

Getting a new tattoo is super exciting but it also gives you some respect, right? It is not for less, it is a design that you are going to make on your skin with the intention that it last a lifetime and you want it to look its best. And, in addition, for this you have to know how to take care of it in the best possible way.

But no matter how much you have read on the subject or have informed yourself in a study, doubts can always arise about tattoos, especially if it is the first time you get one. Why is my tattoo peeling? What can I do to remedy it? You may have wondered. Quiet! In Diario Femenino we are going to explain the reasons why this can happen.

Nobody likes that a newly done tattoo has problems such as the fact that it is peeling, but the truth is that more than a problem it is a sign that it is healing well. Like when you burn after spending a long time in the sun, what happens when your skin recovers? Well, it peels. Something similar happens with the new tattoos, for the healing process to come to an end, the skin has to regenerate the upper tissue.

To know well what is happening with your tattoo, let’s see two options that usually occur very commonly: peeling and healing.

+ When is it normal for flaking to occur?

The first thing you should know is from what day it is considered normal for a tattoo to show peeling. And the truth is that the answer varies according to each skin type and depending on how large the tattoo is, but just to give you a day we will tell you that the most common is that the peeling makes an appearance as one week after getting the tattoo.

+ If a tattoo peels, it is healing

Keep in mind that when you get a tattoo, in a way you are damaging the superficial layer of the skin, so it has to go through a series of phases until it fully recovers. As we have said before, the phases and days of healing can vary according to each person, however, the most normal thing is that the tattooed skin goes through: itching, redness, slight swelling and peeling, which is the phase in which it goes away remove dead skin to make way for new.

More than the fact that you fight or not fight what you have to pay attention to is others warning signs such as:

+ Itching, swelling, or redness that they do not evolve as the days go by.

+ Pain to touch

+ Secretions

+ Fever.

+ Constant flaking in addition to local pain.

All these signs indicate the possibility of an infection so, if this is your case, do not hesitate to go to your doctor to send you the appropriate treatment.

But, to avoid complications, remember that you must carry a correct hygiene to save yourself troubles unnecessary. To do this, wash your hands well, then the tattoo with warm water and mild soap, apply a generous layer of ointment and repeat the process three or four times a day for the first week after you have done the tattoo. Of course, do not spend the day washing your tattoo because the opposite may happen: it becomes overhydrated and it does not look as good as it should.

Resolved doubt, now you know that it is normal that your tattoo is peeling.

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