Insect tattoos, which of them would you get?

Insects are very hated by many people, but others love them. For this reason, there are many of them who decide to tattoo them, either because they seem beautiful or because they feel identified with some of its characteristics. If it happens to you too, pay attention to our insect tattoo ideas because some they’re adorable.

+ Ant: Ants have a reputation for being hard-working, efficient and competent, and they also have a strength far superior to what might appear from their tiny size. We like how they look completely in black.

Insect tattoos,

+ ladybug: they are one of the most adorable of all. Their colors are very vivid and they are sure to bring back memories of your childhood, when you played catch them and, after run through your hands for a few minutes, they flew away.

Insect tattoos,

+ Bee: it is one of the most important animals on the planet and, in addition, they are capable of make one of the world’s greatest delicacies: honey! If you’re one of those who take it by the spoonful, you know, put a bee on your arm.

+ Cockroach: they are quite unpleasant, so probably whoever dares to tattoo one is because he wants to overcome some trauma, as Dulceida did when tattooing one Spider and confessed that it worked for him.

+ Fly: flies live for a very short time, so it can be the ideal tattoo to remember that life is fleeting and that you have to make the most of every moment, without worrying too much and enjoying everything whatever can be.

+ Beetle: to some people they seem very beautiful and the truth is that their forms have a certain magnetism. We like how it looks with a kind of print on it, as if they were the leaves through which it moves, but within its own silhouette.

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