Initial tattoos, tribute to that special person

The initial tattoos They are one of our favorites because they serve to honor your loved ones, claim yourself, join a good friend or remember important people in your life. We tell you all the options you have when getting a tattoo of these characteristics.

+ Minimalist: it is the easiest and most discreet way to carry a tattooed initial. We like the cleanliness of the typography and the chosen place. Perfect if you are not looking to attract attention.

+ Name, surname and reason: this combination is ideal for those who do seek to stand out. Instead of tattooing the initial of the name, you can also put that of the last name of that person or their two names if they have them. And also add a motif, such as a butterfly or a flower, that reminds you of that person.

+ Initials combined in another tattoo: if you are thinking of becoming several different tattoos, you can always unify them in one to make it much more unique and special. When it comes to initials it is very easy to integrate them into another drawing.

+ Camouflaged: few people will realize that the stem of the flower it forms a letter with a most discreet and delicate result.

+ Thematic: Do you have a group of friends and you are all fans of a saga like Harry Potter? You can share a tattoo with your initials inspired by the theme of the books or movies that you like the most.

+ Two letters in one: This type of tattoo is ideal for couples. Here they have mixed the letter J with the N creating a different shape.

+ Friendship tattoo: on each sheet of this lucky clover there is an initial, each one corresponds to one of the friends of the person wearing them.

+ Opposite concepts: these two friends they have tattooed their initial and the other, but they have added one more detail. One carries one moon and the other a star so that the tattoo represents the personality and the tastes of each one of them.

+ With border: frame the initial you want to wear in a border, a little butterfly or a vegetal crown It is ideal and, in addition, it allows you to add meaning to the tattoo depending on the reason you choose.

+ With shapes: Another option is to frame the letters a certain way. In hearts they look wonderful and also their meaning is a little more hidden.

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