I have vitiligo, can I get a tattoo to cover the spots?

I have vitiligo, can I get a tattoo to cover the spots?

Although it may seem like a lie, not everyone is able to get a tattoo. There are certain specific cases in which it is not recommended to inject ink into the body. We are talking about people who suffer from diabetes, who have varicose veins or who have stretch marks or some type of spot, mole or skin scar.

All these people should discard the idea of ​​getting a tattoo because otherwise they could end up aggravating their disease or condition. If you have entered to read this article you will be wondering: And what about people suffering from vitiligo? Can they get tattooed? In Diario Femenino we have investigated about it and then we solve the question. Very attentive!

Vitiligo, also known as leukodemia, is a degenerative problem associated with the skin that appears when the melanocytes (cells that have the mission of giving pigment to the skin) die. This causes a melanin production deficit (which is responsible for giving the tone to the dermis) and, as a consequence, spots or areas without pigmentation.

People suffering from this pathology present areas on your skin with a lighter color than normal. Depending on the natural tone of the person, vitiligo can be seen more or less. In this way, those with dark skin will have pink spots, while those with lighter skin will have white spots.

The most common areas where vitiligo usually appears are the hands, feet, knees, elbows and face. It can also occur in the genitals, back, torso, legs and arms, although these places of the body are much less common.

This sickness equally affects men and women and, although it is not serious or contagious, it is important to pay attention to its evolution to keep it under control.

The causes of the appearance of vitiligo are very varied and range from immune system problems, to neurovegetative factors (stress, hormonal changes, thyroid gland malfunction …) through hereditary causes.

The worst thing for some of the people who suffer from this pathology is the physical aspect that vitiligo generates. Who suffers it can come to consider it as something unsightly and suffer psychological problems because of shame in your situation, depression, lack of self-esteem, shyness, etc. Therefore, there are those who choose to get a tattoo to cover the spots caused by this disease. But is this a good idea? Is it advisable to get a tattoo while taking vitiligo?

The answer to this question generates a lot of controversy. While some claim that getting a tattoo having vitiligo is not a problem or complication, others say that It is not good to tattoo in an area with this type of stains.

Generally, the most advisable thing is to avoid tattoos in these cases. Why? First, because vitiligo spots may enlarge with the passage of time which would cause a white skin ring around the tattoo that would result in something even less aesthetic than the simple spot itself.

Secondly, because any type of trauma or damage to the skin, including the puncture generated by the needle when getting a tattoo, can make vitiligo worse causing even new spots (process known as Koebnerization).

There are other people who choose to get a tattoo with their own skin color, painting the stain to hide it. This is not a good idea either. It is very difficult to match the color of the skin with the tone of the tattoo ink. In addition, the color of the skin changes with the seasons, exposure to the sun and age, so the stain of vitiligio will end up appreciating equally.

+ Varicose veins: Varicose veins should never be tattooed because the vein is very close to the surface of the skin. If you get a tattoo in areas affected by varicose veins you risk the needle going through the vein.

+ Diabetes: People who have diabetes and have good control of their disease can get a tattoo, but it is best to avoid it in order to prevent possible infections or major problems.

+ Scars, burns or moles: If you have some of these imperfections in your skin, it is best that you discard the idea of ​​getting a tattoo, since injecting ink in these cases means that it is much more difficult to diagnose certain diseases such as skin cancer.

Anyway the best and if in doubt is consult a professional who can advise you in your specific case.

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