I have keratosis pilaris, can I get a tattoo to hide the bumps on my skin?

The keratosis pilaris it is a cutaneous pathology that characterized by rough and red bumps on certain areas of skin. If you suffer them well you will know how they are and the inconvenience they give, especially aesthetics. And you have also wondered more than once if you can get a tattoo to hide skin bumps. Today we talk about the Keratosis Pilaris and tattoos. Are they recommended?

Let's see, first of all, a little more detail what it is and what are the characteristics of keratosis pilaris. Keratosis pilaris is a skin condition that is shown by rough, inflamed, reddish bumps. These skin tags, also known as goosebumps, are mainly caused by dead cells that are retained in the dermis, and by an accumulation of keratin (a skin protein). It catches the hair follicles preventing them from going outside.

Such bumps prevent hair from running through the pores, which gives rise to annoying ingrown hairs. In addition, some forms of keratosis pilaris draw inflamed and irritated lumps in specific areas. Keratosis pilaris is a genetic condition that is aggravated in extreme climates of cold or heat.

The common features of the Keratosis Pilaris or goosebumps are:

Small blast reddish which usually appear on the upper part of the arms, on the legs and on the buttocks.

– The grains are rough, very small and they are very close together.

– The surrounding skin becomes dry and, sometimes, scemas appear, especially if aggressive methods of hair removal are used or if the skin is very sensitive.

No, both doctors and tattooists they advise against getting a tattoo on an area of ​​the skin with keratosis pilaris with the intention of covering or concealing the packages. Moreover, if you are a person who usually suffers from this pathology, it is not recommended that you get a tattoo in an area of ​​the skin susceptible to keratosis pilaris, although now it is completely healthy.

No tattoo should be done on any skin lesion if it is not yet treated or completely recovered since the symptoms may get worse. If you get a tattoo in an area of ​​the skin where you have keratosis pilaris, you will only get the beans to turn redder and that the tattoo design does not fit well due to imperfections at the surface of the dermis. In addition, you run the risk of infection because it is very likely that the tattoo does not heal properly due to how much you take care of it.

Once clarified that you can not get the tattoo in the area of ​​the skin where you have keratosis pilaris, we can only give you some basic recommendations in case you decide to get the tattoo in an area where you don't have any skin lesions:

+ Get a tattoo with a professional tattoo artist.

+ Know the center well and make sure that complies with all necessary measures.

+ Talk to your tattoo artist about the design, it will be he who can best advise you.

+ Once you have done the tattoo, cover with a transparent paper the first hours and apply the cream as directed.

+ If you notice anything out of place do not hesitate to consult with the doctor.

You already know how to take care of yourself if you have keratosis pilaris. First health, then aesthetics.

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