How to prevent a tattoo from becoming infected

Next, we give you a series of tips to take care of a freshly made tattoo and prevent it from becoming infected. Follow them and you will see that it heals well and, if the punctures were done correctly, it will be perfect.

  • Never touch a fresh tattoo, except with neutral soap and healing cream and clean hands when it comes to healing. If you touch it without these products you could infect the wound and also disfigure the drawing.
  • Once it has a scab, you can scratch around the tattooed area to relieve itching. You can also give small touches in the drawing to reduce this symptom. However, do not tear off the scab or scratch it directly.
  • Wash the tattoo only with cold water and using a neutral pH soap to prevent infections and facilitate healing. Once washed, always dry it using thick toilet paper and giving slight touches to the wound, never rubbing.
  • Wear loose clothing throughout the tattoo healing. Also choose soft and comfortable materials such as cotton.
  • At least until the week after having done the tattoo, it will be important that you do not expose it to the sun.
  • Do not use oils or petroleum jelly on freshly tattooed skin because you could spoil the drawing.
How to prevent a tattoo from becoming infected - How to care for a freshly made tattoo to prevent infection

Although it is important to know when a tattoo is healing well, it is also advisable to know the possible signs that the wound is not healing properly. Therefore, below we will explain the main symptoms that occur when a tattoo wound has been infected:

  • Fever or tenths: This is one of the main symptoms that occur before any infection of the organism.
  • Redness and itchy skin: As we have indicated, these signs are normal in the first 3-5 days after getting a tattoo. However, if these symptoms remain for much longer, it is that the wound has become infected.
  • Swelling: infection exists if after the first 3-5 days the inflammation persists or is increasing, sometimes deforming the tattoo.
  • Acute pain: If during the second stage you feel too intense pain, it is likely that the tattoo has not healed well.
  • Crusted-looking crust: If it contains pus, it has a yellowish color or gives off an unpleasant smell is that it is infected.

In this other article of a COMO we show you how to know if a tattoo is infected.

As we have advanced in previous lines, a tattoo is made with the introduction of ink in deep layers of our skin with the use of one or several needles depending on the colors and size of the design. Therefore, these types of designs (although later look beautiful) are still a skin wound, since the needle used is puncturing the dermis between 50 and 3000 times per minute. So, as with any other skin lesion (such as a burn or a cut), a fresh tattoo needs time and some care to heal properly. East tattoo healing process, it mainly goes through 2 stages:

Scarring of a tattoo (first stage)

The first stage is between the first 3 and 5 days after getting a tattoo and is characterized by the progressive appearance of a scab on the wound caused by needle puncture. This means that the body drawing is beginning to heal properly. In addition to the scab, other symptoms such as redness and swelling of the skin where we have had the tattoo also appear.

Tattoo healing (second stage)

At this stage, the scab has already formed completely in the wound and is usually characterized by the appearance of symptoms such as itching, peeling and dry skin due to scarring. When the tattoo has healed or healed correctly, the scab will be detached on its own approximately 2 weeks after the drawing on the skin.

Therefore, if you wonder if it is normal for the tattoo to be peeling, the answer is YES, as long as this symptom occurs in the second stage of healing. When a tattoo is peeled, that is, when the scab is peeling off or if you lose pieces of dead skin without blurring the design, it means that the wound caused by this type of body drawings is healing properly.

Thus, a tattoo is peeling is not a symptom of infection by itself. To do this, it would have to occur along with more symptoms.

How to prevent a tattoo from getting infected - My tattoo is peeling, can it get infected?

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