How to make a temporary home tattoo

How to make a temporary home tattoo

The tattoos They are a timeless trend, however many people have difficulty deciding on a specific design that will stay on the skin forever, others prefer to try a design and see how it looks before making the decision to mark it definitively. And of course, there is the case of those who would like to get a tattoo but for work, family or personal reasons they prefer not to take this step.

Whatever your case, a temporary tattoo It is the ideal solution. You can opt for a great design with which you identify yourself and show it on your skin without the need to go through a painful experience, or without having to load forever with this image. There are professionals who are dedicated to performing temporary tattoos, however it is possible to carry out this task at home without complications. If you want to learn how to make a temporary home tattoo read on, because at we explain it in detail.

Steps to follow:


Although you can go to a specialized store to make you a fake tattoo, the method that we propose in a How it works very well and will allow you to show off your design for about 3 days, even being waterproof. Of course, the final duration will depend on the area in which you are going to apply the fake tattoo, since an area such as hands that have constant rubbing and wash frequently is not the same as another more protected area such as the neck.

Sweat, constantly brush the tattoo or using chemicals or cosmetics on the area will reduce their life time.

How to make a temporary home tattoo - Step 1


The first step to make a temporary home tattoo is, of course, choose the image that we will tattoo. Taking advantage of the fact that it is not something definitive we can experiment with different designs that we want to play with, but the simpler the better results you will get with this technique.


Once you have chosen the design, you must trace it on a sheet of paper using a very dark mine pencil. It is important that the drawing is really pronounced and dark, because only then will the transfer to your skin be perfect.

Then you must soak a cotton ball with alcohol that you use for wounds, and pass it through the area of ​​your body where you want to place the fake tattoo.

How to make a temporary home tattoo - Step 3



Yes you have talent for drawing and you are encouraged to paint the design you want directly on your skin, then you can skip the previous step and draw your tattoo in the area where you want to wear it. But if you prefer to go for sure, then it is best to trace the drawing and perform the step that we will explain below.

With your skin moistened with alcohol, place the sheet of vegetable paper in the desired area and with the drawing towards your skin. Make sure it is straight and in the proper position and then press with a damp cloth for a few seconds. Then wait 1 minute and remove the paper, if you have followed all the steps perfectly the figure you have chosen must have already been transferred to your skin, even in a light tone.


Now that you have the outline of your tattoo on the skin, then it's time to fill it in to complete the job. For this the ideal is to use a black eyeliner, but if you do not have on hand you can opt for a liquid eyeliner or a black marker. Fill in the figure you have chosen until it is completed, in a few minutes you will see your finished temporary home tattoo.

How to make a temporary home tattoo - Step 5


Your drawing is now complete and you can get a clear idea of ​​the final result, but now you must take the final step to make it last a few days. Start by placing talcum powder on top of the figure and, using a makeup brush, be sure to cover the entire tattoo. When it is perfectly scattered, let stand 5 minutes and then place a little spray antiseptic in the area making sure to cover the whole drawing.

In case you don't have spray antiseptic you can use hairspray.

How to make a temporary home tattoo - Step 6



Now you just have to let the spray moisture dry, then shake the remaining talcum powder a bit and that's it! your homemade fake tattoo It will be perfect to wear.

Keep in mind that this alternative will disappear with the passing of the days in the same way that happens with fake tattoos or skin stickers, so the less exposed the area is and the less you wash and rub it, the longer you will get.

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How to make a temporary home tattoo - Step 7

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