How to cover a tattoo

There are certain occasions when, however proud you are of your tattoo, it is better not to show it. It may also happen that you have had enough of yours, but it is impossible for you to use the laser. For all those occasions when you want to cover a tattoo, there is a very simple solution that you can use so that it is well covered and nobody realizes that you are wearing it: the makeup.

one. Concealer: The first thing you should learn to use is the concealer. Depending on the tones that your tattoo has, you should use some colors or others. For those who are completely black or greenish, you have to resort to purple tone concealers (the same ones used for dark circles); for those with red tones, green or blue; to cover the bruises, The yellow ones; for the blues, the orange. If you look, it’s about the Opposite shades in the color palette. This serves to neutralize the tone that we want to cover.

how to cover a tattoo

2. Makeup base: After applying the concealer, you should put on a foundation as similar as possible to your natural skin tone. Maybe the same one you use for your face does not work, it all depends on the area where you have your tattoo. Choose one that covers well and apply it with a flat brush, your fingers, or a sponge. The makeup bases used in theater they are very suitable because they have great coverage.

3. Loose powder: to give a more natural look to makeup is better apply translucent loose powder on top with a round brush (one of those used for blusher). Give several touches without sliding the brush across the skin.

Four. Fixation: as a final touch you can spray your tattoo with hairspray or with a specific makeup fixing product. In this way you will ensure that it lasts longer intact on your skin and that the makeup does not move or be damaged by friction.

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