How much to get a tattoo

How much to get a tattoo

If you are thinking of get a tattoo You probably want to know what your approximate price is. You should know that the total price will always depend on different factors that take into account size, materials used, type of design, and so on. In this article about how we are going to tell how much to get a tattoo taking into account all these aspects and giving you some tricks that will help you save.

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As we have already announced, to give an approximate information of the price of a tattoo You must take into account different factors. The first thing you should know is that a tattoo professional charge for time that is working, so it is clear that the size of the design has a lot to do with the final price of the tattoo. The bigger a tattoo is, the more time it will have to devote and, therefore, the more expensive it will be.

But how standard price in Spain The prices of small and simple tattoos are in an average of between 50 or 60 euros. This price refers to a type of design such as, for example, a star on the wrist of about 5 square centimeters, a heart on the nape of this approximate size, and so on.


Another of the factors that influence the tattoo price it is whether or not it is in color. In case you want a black and white drawing only, the price will be cheaper than if you want with some kind of hue or color. Thus, following the previous standard price, if a small and simple tattoo is paid between € 50-60, if you put color the price can rise to € 80 or € 90.

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The design of your tattoo It also has a lot to do with the final price. For example, a drawing that you have found on the Internet or that is very typical is usually cheaper than if you ask the designer to make your own or give one that has many shadows and effects. As we have already mentioned, a tattoo artist charges for the working time so, of course, the more complicated the design is or the more time the professional has to invest, the more it will become more expensive.


Another factor that can determine the cost of a tattoo is the place where you want to get a tattoo because it is not the same to make a tattoo on the back than to do it in more complicated areas such as elbows or chest, which is a more sensitive. So depending on the body part that you want to tattoo, The price will be higher or lower.

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The tattooist reputation It also has a lot to do when you can put an exact price on your tattoo. The price per hour is set by the same professional, there are tattoo artists who can charge you € 50 / hour and others who may have a higher price. Everything will depend on its quality, its fame and its demand.


So, in general, we can tell you that a Small, simple tattoo in a usual area it can cost you in Spain between € 50 or € 60 but this price will be modified if you add effects, colors or size. Remember that the tattoo artist charges for hours, so the more time you dedicate to your design, the more expensive the tatto will be.

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In a How we want to tell you that you can save on your tattoo. How? There are currently different purchase websites collective where, frequently, you can find interesting discounts for tattooing. We talk about pages like LetsBonus where they offer fixed prices for tattoos (for example, tattoo for € 30) or incredible discounts to be able to get you the tattoo (for example, € 100 discount on your design).

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