Get inspired by these celebrities to get a tattoo

There are many tattoos worn by celebrities that we would love have on our own skin, And some of them are so delicate and beautiful that we want to copy them. Don't think about it anymore, get inspired by these celebrities to get a tattoo and show off your creation as a celebrity. What are you waiting for?

one Emma Stone: the reason he wears it and the drawing itself we love. These are two bird footprints that the actress made with her mother to celebrate that she had overcome a difficult illness. And why some bird feet? Because the favorite song of the two is 'Blackbird', written by Paul McCartney who, in addition, was the one who made the design that today they both have on their wrist.

two Kate Moss: He has several that we love, but we can not resist is the anchor on his arm. The anchors represent the commitment and are A protection symbol.

Check out the anchor Kate Moss tattoo

3 Taylor Schilling: carry an infinity symbol over the ribs. We like, above all, because her character in 'Orange is the New Black' does it herself In a moment of great transformation. She already wore it, but now she shares it with Pipper.

4 Rita prays: It also has many tattoos scattered throughout the body. Our favorites? The half-naked woman she has been covering all her side and this dancer on her elbow. A claim of Beauty and the female body.

Rita Ora's most special tattoo

5 Lady Gaga: another that has skin full of ink. The one we like the most, may not be the prettiest but the most tender, the mouse on his arm because he refers to his sister's nickname.

Get inspired by these celebrities to get a tattoo

6 Katy Perry: The singer has some very funny, but the one we like the most is the one that was made in the arm with her ex-husband Russell Brand. This is the phrase 'Go against the tide' in Hindu language.

Katy Perry is also a fan of tattoos

7 Rihanna: of all those who carry, the one that we would do without thinking is the goddess Isis who wears under her chest. In addition to being very well drawn, he did it in honor of his grandmother.

Rihanna and the most flattering tattoos

8 Lena Dunham: the little houses that she has on her back can not enchant us anymore and they are illustrations of the books she read as a child. A precious childhood memory that It is also the most original.

Get inspired by these celebrities to get a tattoo

9 Vanessa Hudgens: The butterfly on her neck has a beautiful story. Before she was born, one landed on her mother's triplet and that's why They called her Vanessa, which in Latin means butterfly.

What tattoo do you prefer? Does your idol have a tattoo that you would also like to do?

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