Foot tattoos

The feet are one of the preferred areas for tattooing by many people. It is true that, above all the instep area, it usually hurts a lot, but it has the advantage that you can show your tattoos at pleasure and especially during the summer, when putting your feet up is almost mandatory. Take a look at all five types of foot tattoos what you can do, surely someone will fall in love with you!

+ Sentence: The edge of the foot is the ideal area to get phrase tattoos. They should be short, if you want them to read perfectly. Phrase tattoos may include song lyrics, famous quotes, names or single words. Choose a classic typeface so that it does not go out of style quickly and even translate it into a language with an interesting alphabet.

+ Anklet: tattoos on the feet as a jewel like this they look great. They give an elegant and almost mysterious air to your skin. We like the Indian type for their great beauty and for their strong spiritual and cultural significance.

+ Animals: butterflies are usually a favorite to decorate the insteps, but we like them too other insects like beetles, wolves or elephants, because they have a lot of strength and reflect the personality of those who carry them.

+ Symbolic: in this case it is a wave, but for its owner it represents that every day it faces a new opportunity to fulfill its dreams. You can choose other symbols such as infinity, hearts, stars … The best thing, in these cases, is to wear them on the heel, right next to the ankle.

+ Classics: anchor, swallow or rose tattoos are also very common to decorate that part of the body. Remember that they do not need to have a special meaning for you and that you can get tattoos as a way to beautify your skin.

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