Dog tattoos to always carry with you

Many times when we think of our dogs we feel nothing but pure love, since no one in this world is as authentic as them.

Dog tattoos to always carry with you 1

If you have already managed to make a deep connection with your pet, here we show you some tattoos that we are sure you will love, because every time you see that part of your body, you will feel the great bonding that you do with your best friend:

Dog tattoos to always carry with you 2

For example, if you have two little ones, you can draw their faces on your doll along with some plants to make it look more cute.

Dog tattoos to always carry with you 5

On the other hand, you can also go out with him and you will even give him a special touch by adding color.

Surely you have felt super pretty when he paws you or snuggles up next to you. Try to take this moment in a photo and have the artist make a great tattoo of your love.

Dog tattoos to always carry with you 3

You can even make super cool designs with your best friend’s face and add geometric shapes and flowers to it.

Dog tattoos to always carry with you 10

Nothing makes you feel better all day than giving him a big hug. Try to carry this moment with you in ink.

If you are looking for something simpler, you can draw a heart path along with its legs.

Some unclosed strokes look so cute and you can even add a heart.

Or if you want something more artistic, you can even add flowers and have your puppy be part of them.

What do you think of this incredible way to hug your baby even if he is far away?

Feeling his paw is something that always leaves us speechless.

Another idea that we love is to carry it on our arm along with its ears that distinguish them so much.

Do you like to see your puppy from behind? Remember these great moments always.

And finally, carry your family on your entire arm by drawing their faces along with their names.

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