Do you like tattoos and traveling? Look out for these designs!

Travelers love getting tattoos that remind them of where they’ve been or what reflect those desire to continue seeing the world. If you also want to get a tattoo and you are one of those who always has a suitcase ready, take note of our ideas because you are going to love them.

+ World map: who knows what your next destination will be and is that you love getting lost in any corner of the world. By now you have been to all continents, but you still want more.

+ Paris: This tattoo is ideal for lovers of the city of light. The Eiffel tower is the symbol of Paris and It is perfect if you want what you lived there to be with you forever.

Tattoos for those who travel

+ Airplane: Another tattoo that perfectly reflects your desire to continue traveling is that of an airplane, after all, if you usually go far, you have no choice but to fly.

+ Wave: This tattoo is ideal for those who enjoy beach tourism. You have probably already taken a dip in almost all the oceans and many of its seas so why not commemorate it with a tattoo.

+ Japan: It is one of the fetish destinations of many travelers and is that the Japanese have such a particular culture that it seems that you are in a completely different world from yours.

Tattoos for those who travel

+Wanderlust’: This English word means ‘passion for travel’ and in Spanish we do not have an equivalent. It is perfect to represent that traveling spirit that defines you so well.

+ Mountaineer: Not all travelers are the same and there are some who enjoy adventure and go through all the mountains they can. This tattoo is for them.

+ Compass: Compass tattoos have other meanings, but also represent travelers trying to know themselves better every time they visit a new destination.

+ Bag: It is your best travel companion, so it is ideal to represent all your adventures with a single object.

+ Mexico: Another of the destinations that many travelers love the most is Mexico, for its curious culture and delicious food. If this is your case, a typical skull of the ‘Day of the Dead’ it will be ideal for you.

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