Dakota Johnson’s mysterious tattoos: discover their meaning

’50 Shades of Gray ‘actress Dakota Johnson has several tattoos spread all over her body and we we have discovered the meaning of all of them. Do you want to meet them? We reveal them here.

+ Swallow tattoos

One of his tattoos most famous is the one that has the right shoulder blade. It is a group formed by several swallows in full flight. Swallows are one of the most classic tattoos, they represent freedom but also love and trust. Some have also wanted to see this tattoo a tribute to his grandmother Tippi Hedren, who starred in the Hitchcock movie, ‘The Birds’, but she has never confirmed this.

Dakota Johnson's mysterious tattoos

+ Daisy tattoo

It is one of his most recent tattoos, a daisy with some petals missing. This flower represents her. When his tattoo artist shared the image on Instagram he quoted this phrase: ‘It is a flower, it is a bit destroyed, but it is a flower, like me’.

Dakota Johnson's mysterious tattoos

+ Tattoo of ‘love’

At the nape of his neck is the word ‘love’ written in Spanish and with Gothic letters. This is the same tattoo that her mother Melanie Griffith wears, so It shows how much they love each other.

Dakota Johnson and her tattoos

+ Tattoo with phrases

On the edge of the right foot it bears this phrase that means ‘Look at the moon’. This is the title of a song by Gerry Rafferty.

Dakota Johnson's tattoos

+ Tattoo in Latin

Acta Non Verba. This other Latin phrase is prominently featured on his arm and means ‘facts, not words’.

meaning tattoos dakota johnson

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