Circle, triangle and the meaning of geometric tattoos

There is two types of geometric tattoos, those who represent a single figure and those who combining various forms other things, especially of animals. This tattoo trend minimalist it is very fashionable among the youngest. Do you want to know what geometric tattoos mean?

Square. Four equal sides, so it conveys a sense of firmness and stability. Wearing it means you want your life to settle, you want take root and leave you adventures. You can also demonstrate your commitment with a cause or a person.

Circle. Circles are synonymous with perfection and balance. Many times they are used to ‘frame’ other symbols, as is the case with some tree tattoos, which are very special.

Triangle. It is one of the fashionable tattoos. They represent the duality of masculine and feminine according to its position and also has a religious meaning among many others.

Diamond. A rhombus has just the meaning contrary to the box, represents the unstable, the untamed. A tattoo with these characteristics can say a lot about your personality.

Combined. Surely you have seen that many people have tattooed a triangle broken in the middle with a circle in the center. This symbol comes from the saga of Harry Potter and refers to the three relics that grant immortality.

Polyhedral. Much less seen are the tattoos of polyhedra, that is, those geometric figures that are drawn in three dimensionslike when you painted a cube at school joining the vertices of two overlapping squares with a dashed line.

Silhouettes. Combining different geometric figures It can give rise to forms of animals, people and other objects. This trend comes from the artistic trend that triumphed in the 20th century, the cubism, which was trying to decompose reality through simple figures. Surely you will hear pictures like that of The Avignon ladies, by Picasso.

These tattoos are usually linear and black, that is, they are rendered without padding. Hence they stand out for their marked minimalist character. In any case, you can give them the finish that you like the most.

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